How Do I Change My Discord Server Stats?


Scott Campbell

Today, we will learn how to change the stats of your Discord server. Discord is a popular platform for gamers and communities to connect and communicate. By customizing your server’s stats, you can create a unique and personalized experience for your members.

Step 1: Open Server Settings

To begin, open Discord and navigate to your server. On the right-hand side, you will find a server settings icon that looks like a gear. Click on it to access the server settings.

Step 2: Server Overview

Once you are in the server settings, you will see various options on the left-hand side menu. Look for the “Overview” tab and click on it.

Changing Server Name

To change your server’s name, locate the “Server Name” field at the top of the page. Click on it and type in your desired name. Remember, this is what members will see when they join or search for your server.

Changing Server Icon

If you want to change your server’s icon, scroll down until you find the “Server Icon” section. Click on “Change Icon” and select an image from your device. It’s recommended to use a square image with a resolution of at least 512×512 pixels for best results.

Changing Server Banner

To change your server’s banner, locate the “Banner Background” section below the “Server Icon.” Click on “Change Banner” and select an image from your device. The recommended banner size is 960×540 pixels.

Step 3: Server Verification Level

The next aspect we’ll explore is changing the server verification level. This allows you to control who can join your server.

Changing Verification Level

Scroll down to the “Verification Level” section. Here, you can choose from several options:

  • None: Anyone can join your server without any restrictions.
  • Low: Members must have a verified email on their Discord account.
  • Moderate: Members must be registered on Discord for more than five minutes.
  • High: Members must have been a part of Discord for at least ten minutes.
  • Very High: Members must have a verified phone number associated with their Discord account.

Select the desired verification level based on your preferences and the type of community you want to create.

Step 4: Server Features

The next section we’ll explore is the “Features” tab within server settings.

Auditing Server

If you want to keep track of what happens in your server, enable “Audit Log.” This feature logs important events such as member joins, role changes, and message deletions. It helps with moderation and maintaining a safe community environment.

Sending System Messages

If you want system messages, such as member joins and leaves, to be sent to a specific channel, enable “System Messages Channel.” Select the appropriate channel from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Changing Server Region

If you are experiencing latency issues or want better voice quality, consider changing your server’s region.

Changing Server Region

Scroll down to the “Server Region” section. Click on the dropdown menu and select a region closest to your geographic location. Discord will automatically assign your server to the selected region for optimal performance.

That’s it! You have successfully changed your Discord server’s stats.

Remember, customizing your server can make it more appealing and engaging for your community members. Experiment with different options and find what works best for you!

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