How Do I Change Data Type in Sequelize?


Scott Campbell

In Sequelize, changing the data type of a column is a common requirement when developing applications with databases. Fortunately, Sequelize provides easy methods to alter the data type of a column in an existing table.

Changing Data Type Using Migrations

If you are using Sequelize migrations, you can modify the data type of a column by creating a new migration file. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new migration file using the Sequelize CLI command: sequelize migration:generate --name change-data-type.
  2. Open the generated migration file and locate the up and down functions.
  3. Inside the up function, use the changeColumn method provided by Sequelize’s query interface to change the data type of the desired column.
  4. module.exports = {
      up: (queryInterface, Sequelize) => {
        return queryInterface.changeColumn('your_table_name', 'your_column_name', {
          type: Sequelize.NEW_DATA_TYPE,
          allowNull: false,
      down: (queryInterface, Sequelize) => {
        return queryInterface.PREVIOUS_DATA_TYPE,
          allowNull: false,

    Note that you need to replace ‘your_table_name’ and ‘your_column_name’ with the appropriate names from your database schema.

  5. To revert this change in case of rollback, make sure to implement the necessary changes in the down function as well. This will ensure the migration can be reversed without any issues.
  6. Changing Data Type Without Migrations

    If you are not using migrations, changing the data type of a column can still be accomplished directly through Sequelize’s model definition. Here’s how:

    1. Open the model file that corresponds to your table.
    2. Locate the field that needs to have its data type changed.
    3. Inside the field definition, update the type property with the desired new data type.
    4. module.exports = (sequelize, DataTypes) => {
        const YourModel = sequelize.define('YourModel', {
          your_field: {
            type: DataTypes.NEW_DATA_TYPE,
            allowNull: false,
          // other fields..
        return YourModel;
    5. Save the changes to the model file. Sequelize will automatically apply the updated data type in subsequent queries and operations involving this column.
    6. In conclusion, Sequelize makes it easy to change the data type of a column in an existing table. Whether you are using migrations or directly modifying models, these techniques allow you to adapt your database schema as your application evolves.

      Remember to always double-check your changes and make sure they align with your overall database design and business logic requirements.

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