How Do I Change Astype Data Type in Python?


Heather Bennett

In Python, the astype() function is very useful when it comes to changing the data type of a variable. It allows you to convert a variable from one data type to another. This can be extremely helpful in various scenarios, such as when you need to perform calculations on different data types or when you want to ensure consistency in your data.

Using astype() to Change Data Types

To use the astype() function, you first need to have a variable with a specific data type that you want to change. Let’s say you have a variable called x, which is currently an integer, and you want to change it to a float. Here’s how you can do it:

x = 10
x = x.astype(float)

In the above code snippet, we assign the value 10 to the variable x. Then, we use the astype() function and pass in the desired data type as an argument (in this case, float). The result is that x is now converted into a float.

Supported Data Types

The astype() function supports various data types, including:

  • int: for integers
  • float: for floating-point numbers
  • str: for strings
  • bool: for boolean values (True/False)
  • datetime64: for date and time values

Handling Data Type Conversion Errors

It’s important to note that not all data type conversions are possible. For example, converting a string that contains non-numeric characters to an integer will result in an error. To handle such scenarios and avoid unexpected errors, you can use exception handling.

x = "abc"
    x = x.astype(int)
except ValueError:
    print("Conversion to int failed.")

In the above code, we attempt to convert the string “abc” to an integer using the astype() function. However, since it contains non-numeric characters, a ValueError is raised. We catch this error using a try-except block and print a helpful error message.


The astype() function in Python is a powerful tool for changing the data type of a variable. It allows you to convert variables from one data type to another, such as integers to floats or strings to integers. By understanding how to use this function and handling potential conversion errors, you’ll have greater control over your data and ensure its integrity.

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