How Do I Bot a Discord Server With Members?


Heather Bennett

How Do I Bot a Discord Server With Members?

Discord is a popular platform for creating communities and connecting with like-minded individuals. If you’re an administrator of a Discord server, you may have considered using a bot to help manage and engage with your members.

Bots can automate various tasks, provide moderation features, and enhance the overall user experience. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how you can add a bot to your Discord server and utilize its member-related functionalities.

Step 1: Creating a Bot Account

Before you can add a bot to your Discord server, you need to create a bot account on the Discord Developer Portal. Follow these steps to create your bot:

  1. Visit the Discord Developer Portal: Go to and log in with your Discord account.
  2. Create a New Application: Click on the “New Application” button and give it a name. This will be the name of your bot.
  3. Create Your Bot: On the left sidebar, click on “Bot” and then click on “Add Bot”.

    Confirm by clicking “Yes, do it! “

  4. Taking Note of Your Token: Under the “Token” section, click on “Copy” to copy your bot’s token. This token is essential for authenticating your bot with Discord servers.

Step 2: Inviting Your Bot to Your Server

Now that you have created your bot account, it’s time to invite it to your Discord server. Follow these steps:

  1. Generate an Invite Link: On the left sidebar, click on “OAuth2”. Under the “Scopes” section, select “bot”.

    Scroll down and choose the permissions you want your bot to have. Discord will generate an invite link for you.

  2. Invite Your Bot: Copy the invite link and open it in a new browser tab. Select the server where you want to add the bot and authorize it.

Step 3: Programming Your Bot

To make your bot interact with members on your server, you need to write some code. Here’s a basic example using JavaScript and the Discord.js library:

const Discord = require('discord.js');
const client = new Discord.Client();

client.on('ready', () => {
  console.log(`Logged in as ${client.user.tag}!`);

client.on('message', (message) => {
  if (message.content === '!hello') {


In this example, our bot responds with “Hello!” whenever someone sends the command “!hello” in a text channel.

Make sure to replace ‘YOUR_BOT_TOKEN’ with your actual bot token obtained earlier.

Step 4: Running Your Bot

To run your bot, follow these steps:

  1. Install Required Dependencies: Open a terminal or command prompt and navigate to your project directory. Run the command ‘npm install discord.js‘ to install the Discord.js library.
  2. Run Your Bot: In the terminal or command prompt, run the command ‘node your-bot-file.js‘ to start your bot. Make sure to replace ‘your-bot-file.js’ with the name of your bot file.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a bot to your Discord server and programmed it to interact with members.

This is just the beginning, and there are countless possibilities for what you can do with your bot. Explore the Discord API documentation and experiment with different functionalities to enhance your server even more.

Important Note: When programming your bot, make sure to respect Discord’s Terms of Service and guidelines. Misuse of bots or violation of rules can result in penalties or even account suspension.

Now that you know how to add and program a bot for member-related tasks on Discord, go ahead and create an awesome experience for your server community!

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