How Do I Age a Discord Server on Gate?


Larry Thompson

Discord servers are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and build communities around shared interests. As your server grows, it’s important to keep it organized and maintain a sense of structure. In this tutorial, we will explore how to age a Discord server on Gate, a popular moderation bot.

Step 1: Adding Gate to Your Discord Server

If you haven’t already, the first step is to add Gate to your Discord server. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Discord Developer Portal – Go to the Discord Developer Portal and log in with your Discord account.
  2. Create a New Application – Click on the “New Application” button and give it a name (e.g., “Gate”).
  3. Add Bot to Your Application – Navigate to the “Bot” tab and click on “Add Bot”. Confirm your action by clicking on “Yes, do it!”

    when prompted.

  4. Copy Your Bot Token – Under the “Token” section, click on “Copy” to copy your bot token. Keep this token secure as it grants access to your bot.
  5. Add Bot to Your Server – Visit the following URL in your browser, replacing YOUR_CLIENT_ID with your bot’s client ID: Select your server from the dropdown menu and click “Authorize”.

Step 2: Setting Up Gate Permissions

To age a Discord server on Gate, you’ll need to configure the appropriate permissions for the bot. Here’s how:

  1. Open Discord – Launch the Discord application or visit the Discord website and log in to your account.
  2. Select Your Server – Choose the server where you added Gate from the left sidebar.
  3. Go to Server Settings – Click on the server name at the top-left corner of your screen, then select “Server Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Navigate to Roles – In the left sidebar, click on “Roles”.
  5. Create a New Role – Click on the “+” button next to “Roles” and give it a name (e. Customize other settings as desired.
  6. Enable Required Permissions – Under “General Permissions”, make sure to enable permissions such as “Manage Channels”, “Manage Roles”, and “Manage Messages”.

    These permissions are necessary for Gate to perform its tasks effectively.

  7. Add Role to Gate Bot – Scroll down and find your newly created role. Drag it above any other roles that you want Gate to manage. This ensures that Gate has sufficient permissions over those roles.

Step 3: Configuring Gate for Server Aging

Now that Gate is added to your server and has proper permissions, let’s configure it for server aging:

  1. Select Your Server Again – If you’re not already on your server’s page, choose it from the left sidebar in Discord.
  2. Type Command – In any text channel, type !gate age to initiate the server aging process.
  3. Follow On-screen Prompts – Gate will guide you through the server aging setup process. It may ask for confirmation or additional information.

    Make sure to read the prompts carefully and respond accordingly.

  4. Customize Aging Settings – Gate allows you to customize various aspects of server aging, such as inactive days, age roles, and notification messages. Take your time to configure these settings based on your server’s needs.
  5. Verify Configurations – Once you’ve finished setting up server aging, double-check the configurations by typing !gate check. Gate will display a summary of the current settings for your review.

Step 4: Managing Aged Users

Now that your Discord server is set up for aging with Gate, it’s essential to manage aged users effectively:

  1. Create Age Roles – Using Gate’s commands, create age roles corresponding to different stages of inactivity (e., “1 Month Inactive”, “3 Months Inactive”). These roles will be automatically assigned to users based on their inactivity duration.
  2. Tweak Notification Messages – Customize the notification message templates provided by Gate.

    These messages are sent when users are assigned age roles or when they are removed from them.

  3. Moderate Aged Users – Regularly review and manage aged users based on their activity status. You can use Gate’s commands to remove age roles or take further action as necessary.

In Conclusion

Ageing a Discord server on Gate is a powerful way to keep your community organized and ensure that inactive users are appropriately managed. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can set up server aging with ease and customize it to fit your server’s unique requirements. Happy moderating!

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