How Do I Add Staff to My Discord Server?


Angela Bailey

Adding staff members to your Discord server can help you manage and moderate your community effectively. Whether you want to assign roles with specific permissions or simply have trusted individuals assisting you, Discord provides a straightforward process to add staff members. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of adding staff members to your Discord server.

Step 1: Accessing Server Settings

To begin, open Discord and navigate to your server. On the right-hand side, click on the down arrow next to your server name to expand the server options menu. From the menu, select ‘Server Settings’.

Step 2: Managing Roles

Once you are in the ‘Server Settings’ menu, locate and click on the ‘Roles’ tab on the left-hand side. Here, you can manage and create different roles for your staff members.

Creating a New Role

If you want to create a new role specifically for your staff members, click on the ‘+ Create Role’ button at the top of the page. Give your role a name that clearly identifies it as a staff role.

Pro Tip: You can use an eye-catching color for the role by selecting one from the color palette provided.

Assigning Permissions

Note: By default, new roles have no permissions assigned to them. You will need to customize these permissions according to your requirements.

To assign specific permissions for your staff role(s), scroll down until you find ‘Permissions’. Here, you can toggle various permissions such as managing channels, kicking and banning users, deleting messages, and more.

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Step 3: Assigning Roles to Staff Members

Now that you have created and customized your staff role(s), it’s time to assign them to your staff members. Return to the ‘Roles’ tab and locate the staff role you wish to assign.

Assigning a Role Manually

If you want to assign the role manually, click on the ‘+’ button next to a member’s name in the ‘Members’ list. From the drop-down menu, select the staff role you created earlier. The member will now have the assigned role with the corresponding permissions.

Note: You can repeat this step for each staff member you wish to add.

Assigning a Role via Invite Link

If you want new members joining your server to automatically receive the staff role, Discord allows you to create an invite link with this specific role attached. To do this, go back to ‘Server Settings’, select ‘Invites’ from the left-hand side menu, and click on ‘+ Create Invite’.

In the pop-up window, select your desired staff role from the ‘Set this link to grant access’ dropdown menu. Copy and share this invite link with anyone you want as a staff member.


You have successfully added staff members to your Discord server. With their assistance, managing and moderating your server will become easier than ever before. Remember to regularly review and update staff roles and permissions as your server grows.

Pro Tip: Communicate with your staff members regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding server rules, moderation guidelines, and any upcoming changes or events.

Now go ahead and add your staff members to enhance your Discord server!

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