How Do I Add Emoji Manager to My Discord Server?


Larry Thompson

Adding an Emoji Manager to your Discord server can greatly enhance the experience for your members. With an Emoji Manager, you can easily organize, add, and remove emojis, making it a breeze to customize your server’s emoji collection. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the steps of adding an Emoji Manager to your Discord server.

Step 1: Finding a Suitable Emoji Manager Bot

To begin, you need to find a suitable bot that offers Emoji Manager functionality. There are several popular bots available, such as “EmojiBot” and “Emoji Picker”.

Search for these bots on websites like or Once you’ve found a bot that suits your needs, invite it to your server by following the instructions provided by the bot’s developers.

Step 2: Granting Permissions

After inviting the Emoji Manager bot to your server, it’s important to grant it the necessary permissions. Without these permissions, the bot won’t be able to manage emojis effectively.

To grant permissions, navigate to your server settings and select “Roles”. Locate the role assigned to the Emoji Manager bot and enable permissions like “Manage Emojis” and “Manage Roles”. These permissions are crucial for the bot’s functionality.

Step 3: Setting Up Command Prefix

Most Emoji Manager bots use specific command prefixes to execute commands. It’s essential to set up a command prefix that doesn’t conflict with any existing bots on your server.

For example, if another bot uses “!prefix” as its command prefix, you should choose a different prefix for the Emoji Manager bot (e.g., “!emoji”). This helps prevent conflicts and confusion when using multiple bots.

Step 4: Adding Emojis

Now that you have set up the emoji manager bot with necessary permissions and command prefix, it’s time to add some emojis. To add an emoji, use the designated command followed by the emoji’s image URL or name.

For example, if your command prefix is “!emoji” and you want to add a smiley face emoji, you can use the command “!emoji add :smiley:”. The bot will then add the specified emoji to your server.

Step 5: Removing Emojis

If you wish to remove an existing emoji from your server, you can use the remove command provided by the Emoji Manager bot. The command usually follows a format like “!emoji remove :emoji_name:”. For example, if you want to remove a specific emoji called “banana”, you can use the command “!emoji remove :banana:”.

Step 6: Organizing Emojis

An Emoji Manager bot usually provides commands to help organize your emojis into categories or folders. These commands vary depending on the bot you choose, so it’s essential to refer to the bot’s documentation for specific instructions. By organizing your emojis into categories, it becomes easier for your members to find and use them.


In conclusion, adding an Emoji Manager to your Discord server can significantly enhance your server’s emoji collection management experience. By following these steps, you can easily find a suitable Emoji Manager bot, grant it necessary permissions, set up a command prefix, add and remove emojis effortlessly, and organize them into categories.

With proper organization and management of emojis using an Emoji Manager bot, you can create a more visually engaging and enjoyable environment for your Discord community.

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