How Do I Add an Animated Banner to a Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

Are you looking to add some visual flair to your Discord server? An animated banner can be a great way to catch the eye of your community members and make your server stand out. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps of adding an animated banner to your Discord server.

Step 1: Creating an Animated Banner

The first step is to create an animated banner that you want to use for your Discord server. You can use any graphic design software or online tools like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, or Giphy to create or find an animated banner that suits your server’s theme.

Step 2: Hosting the Animated Banner

Once you have your animated banner ready, you need to host it on a platform that allows direct links. There are several free image hosting services available, such as Imgur or Giphy. Upload your banner there and copy the direct link of the image.

Step 3: Adding the Banner to Your Server

Now it’s time to add the animated banner to your Discord server.

  • Open your Discord server: Launch Discord and select the server where you want to add the animated banner.
  • Select Server Settings: On the right-hand side of the screen, click on the down arrow next to your server’s name and select “Server Settings. “
  • Choose Overview: In the Server Settings menu, click on “Overview.

  • Select Banner Image: Scroll down until you see “Banner Image” and click on “Choose. “
  • Paste Image URL: In the pop-up window, paste the direct link of your animated banner in the URL field and click on “Save Changes. “

Step 4: Adjusting Banner Settings

Discord allows you to customize the appearance of your animated banner further.

  • Banner Size: You can adjust the size of your banner by dragging the slider under “Banner Size” in the Server Settings menu. Experiment with different sizes to find the one that fits your server best.
  • Banner Background Color: Below the “Banner Size” option, you can choose a background color for your banner. Click on the color picker to select a color or enter a specific HEX code.

Step 5: Preview and Save Changes

After adjusting the settings, take a moment to preview how your animated banner looks in your Discord server. If you’re satisfied with the changes, click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the Server Settings menu to apply them.


Keep in mind that animated banners are only visible on desktop versions of Discord and do not appear on mobile devices or Discord’s web version. Additionally, animated banners have file size limitations imposed by Discord, so make sure your banner meets these requirements for optimal display.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully added an animated banner to your Discord server. Now sit back and enjoy watching your community members admire your server’s new eye-catching feature!

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