How Do I Add a RoWifi to a Discord Server?


Larry Thompson

Are you looking to add RoWifi to your Discord server? RoWifi is a popular bot that allows users to listen to music from a wide range of sources on Discord. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of adding RoWifi to your server and enjoying your favorite tunes with your friends!

Step 1: Inviting RoWifi

Before you start, make sure you have the necessary permissions on the server to add bots.

To begin, open your preferred web browser and go to the RoWifi Invite link. Once there, you will be prompted to authorize the bot for your server. Select the server where you want to add RoWifi and click “Authorize”.

Step 2: Granting Permissions

After adding RoWifi to your server, it’s time to grant the necessary permissions for it to function properly. To do this:

  1. Go to your Discord server settings.
  2. Select “Roles” from the sidebar menu.
  3. Create a new role called “RoWifi” or any name of your choice.
  4. Scroll down and enable the following permissions for the role:
  • Create Instant Invite
  • Kick Members
  • Ban Members
  • Manage Channels
  • Manage Server
  • Add Reactions
  • Mention Everyone
  • Read Messages
  • Send Messages
  • Manage Messages (optional)
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files
  • Connect
  • Speak
  • Use Voice Activity

Note: These permissions are required for RoWifi to join voice channels, play music, and perform other essential functions. You can adjust these permissions based on your specific needs.

Step 3: Adding RoWifi to a Voice Channel

Now that you have invited RoWifi and granted the necessary permissions, it’s time to add the bot to a voice channel.

  1. Open your Discord server.
  2. Select the voice channel where you want RoWifi to join.
  3. Type the command “.join” in any text channel or direct message with RoWifi.

You should see a message indicating that RoWifi has joined the voice channel successfully. Now you’re ready to start playing music!

Step 4: Playing Music with RoWifi

To play music using RoWifi, use the following commands:

  • .play <song name or YouTube URL>: Plays a specific song or YouTube video in the voice channel.

  • .pause: Pauses the currently playing song.resume: Resumes playback of the paused song.skip: Skips the current song and plays the next one in the queue.stop: Stops playback and clears the song queue.volume <volume level>: Sets the volume of RoWifi (0-100).queue: Displays the current song queue.

Feel free to explore more commands and features offered by RoWifi to enhance your music listening experience on Discord!


Congratulations! You have successfully added RoWifi to your Discord server.

Now you can enjoy your favorite music with your friends and create a lively atmosphere in your voice channels. Remember to always follow the bot’s guidelines and respect copyright laws when using RoWifi or any other music bot on Discord. Happy listening!

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