How Do I Add a Playlist to My Discord Server?


Larry Thompson

Welcome to this tutorial on how to add a playlist to your Discord server!

What is Discord?

If you are unfamiliar with Discord, it is a popular communication platform primarily used by gamers. It allows users to create servers, join communities, and chat in text, voice, or video channels.

Why Add a Playlist?

Adding a playlist to your Discord server can enhance the overall experience for your community members. Whether you want to share music for everyone to enjoy or create a curated list of tracks for a specific event, playlists can be a great addition.

Step 1: Create a Music Bot

To add a playlist to your Discord server, you will need the assistance of a music bot. There are several popular music bots available, such as Rythm, Groovy, and FredBoat. Visit their respective websites and follow the instructions to invite the bot to your server.

Step 1.1: Inviting Rythm Bot

  • Navigate to the Rythm Bot website.
  • Click on the “Invite Rythm” button.
  • Select the server you want to add the bot to from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Authorize” and complete any additional verification steps if prompted.

Step 2: Set Up Your Playlist

Once you have successfully added the music bot to your Discord server, it’s time to set up your playlist. The process may vary slightly depending on the bot you chose, but generally speaking:

Step 2.1: Adding Songs to the Playlist

Most music bots allow you to add songs to your playlist using specific commands. For example, with Rythm Bot, you can use the command !play followed by the name of the song or its URL.

Note: Make sure the bot has sufficient permissions to access and play music in your server.

Step 2.2: Managing the Playlist

Once you have added songs to your playlist, you can manage it using various commands provided by the bot. Some common playlist management commands include:

  • !playlist create [name]: Creates a new playlist.
  • !playlist add [name] [song]: Adds a song to a specific playlist.
  • !playlist remove [name] [song]: Removes a song from a specific playlist.
  • !playlist delete [name]: Deletes a specific playlist.

Step 3: Playing Your Playlist

After setting up your playlist, it’s time to play it in your Discord server!

Step 3.1: Join a Voice Channel

To hear the music from your playlist, make sure you are connected to a voice channel in Discord. You can join a voice channel by clicking on its name in the left sidebar.

Step 3.2: Play Your Playlist

The exact command to play your playlist will depend on the music bot you are using. However, most bots have a command similar to !play . Type this command in any text channel, and the bot will start playing the songs from the specified playlist in the voice channel you are currently in.


Congratulations! You have successfully added a playlist to your Discord server.

Now you can enjoy music together with your community members. Remember to familiarize yourself with the specific commands provided by your chosen music bot for better control over your playlist.

Discord offers a wide range of customization options, so don’t hesitate to explore and make your server unique. Happy listening!

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