How Do I Add a Music Channel to My Discord Server?


Angela Bailey

Adding a music channel to your Discord server can enhance the overall experience for your members. With a dedicated music channel, you can listen to your favorite tunes together, share playlists, and create a vibrant community atmosphere. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of setting up a music channel on your Discord server.

Step 1: Create a Text Channel

To begin, we need to create a text channel where users can interact with the bot that will play the music. Follow these steps:

  • Open Discord and navigate to your server.
  • Click on the ‘+’ icon at the top of the left sidebar to create a new channel.
  • Select ‘Text Channel’ from the options.
  • Name your channel. For example, ‘Music’ or ‘Tunes’.
  • Click ‘Create Channel’.

Step 2: Add a Music Bot

In order to play music in your Discord server, you will need to add a music bot. There are several popular bots available such as Groovy, Rythm, and FredBoat. For this tutorial, we’ll use Groovy as an example:

  • Visit the Groovy website ( in your web browser.
  • Select ‘Add to Discord’.
  • Login with your Discord account, if prompted.
  • Select the server where you want to add Groovy.
  • Note: You must have the ‘Manage Server’ permission in order to add bots to a server.
  • Click ‘Authorize’ to grant Groovy access to your server.

Step 3: Configure Groovy

Now that you have added the music bot to your server, it’s time to configure it and set up the music channel:

  • Open Discord, if you haven’t already.
  • Navigate to your server.
  • Locate the Groovy bot in the sidebar on the right.
  • Right-click on the bot’s name.
  • Select ‘Server Settings’.
  • Note: You must have the ‘Manage Server’ permission in order to access server settings.
  • In the settings menu, select ‘Roles’ from the left sidebar.
  • Create a new role for controlling who can use music commands (optional).
    • Note: This step is recommended if you want to restrict usage of music commands to specific roles only.
      • Create a new role by clicking on the ‘+’ icon next to ‘Roles’.

Step 4: Enjoy Music!

Your music channel is now set up and ready to use! Here are some basic commands you can use with Groovy:

  • !play [song name] – Plays the specified song in the voice channel.
  • !pause – Pauses the currently playing song.
  • !resume – Resumes the paused song.
  • !skip – Skips the current song and plays the next one in the queue.
  • !stop – Stops the music playback and clears the queue.
  • !queue – Shows the current music queue.

In Conclusion

A music channel can be a fantastic addition to your Discord server, allowing you and your members to enjoy music together. By following these steps, you can easily set up a dedicated music channel and start listening to your favorite tunes. So go ahead, create a lively community atmosphere with some groovy beats!

I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to ask in our support channel. Happy listening!

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