How Do I Add a Discord Server?


Angela Bailey

Welcome to this tutorial on how to add a Discord server! If you’re new to Discord or simply want to expand your server collection, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the process of adding a Discord server step by step.

Step 1: Finding a Discord Server

Before you can add a server, you need to find one that suits your interests or needs. There are several ways to do this:

  • Browsing Public Servers: Discord provides a directory of public servers where you can find communities based on various topics. To access this feature, click on the plus icon (+) next to “Server” in the left sidebar and select “Browse Public Servers.

  • Joining an Invite Link: If you have received an invite link from someone, simply click on it and follow the prompts to join the server.
  • Searching for Servers: You can also use Discord’s search functionality by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the left sidebar. Enter keywords related to your interests, and Discord will show you relevant servers.

Step 2: Adding a Server

Once you have found a server that piques your interest, it’s time to add it. Here’s how:

  1. Navigating to Server Settings: Right-click on the server name in the left sidebar and select “Server Settings” from the context menu.
  2. Selecting “Add Server”: In the Server Settings menu, click on the “Add Server” button located at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  3. Choosing the Add Method: A pop-up window will appear with two options: “Create a Server” and “Join a Server.” Select the appropriate option based on your situation.
  4. Creating a Server: If you choose to create a server, you will be prompted to enter a server name and select a region.

    Once you have filled in the necessary information, click on the “Create” button.

  5. Joining a Server: If you choose to join a server, you will need an invite link. Paste the invite link into the designated field and click on the “Join” button.

Step 3: Exploring Your New Server

Congratulations! You have successfully added a Discord server.

Now it’s time to explore and engage with your new community. Here are some key features you should familiarize yourself with:

  • Channels: Discord servers consist of various channels where members can communicate and share content. Make sure to read their descriptions and familiarize yourself with their purposes.
  • User Permissions: Depending on your role within the server, you may have different permissions that dictate what actions you can take.

    Take some time to understand what you can do within the community.

  • Moderation Tools: If you are an administrator or moderator, Discord provides several tools to manage your server effectively. Familiarize yourself with these tools to ensure smooth operation.

In Conclusion

Adding a Discord server is simple and straightforward. By following these steps, you can quickly expand your online presence and connect with like-minded individuals. Remember to respect the rules and guidelines of each server you join and contribute positively to the community.

Enjoy exploring your new Discord server and have a great time connecting with others!

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