How Do I Add a Discord Server Status Bot?


Larry Thompson

Adding a Discord server status bot to your server can be incredibly helpful for keeping track of the performance and availability of your server. With a bot, you can easily monitor the status of your server and receive notifications in case of any issues. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of adding a Discord server status bot.

Step 1: Creating a Discord Bot

Before we can add a server status bot, we need to create a Discord bot. Follow these steps to create your own bot:

  1. Go to the Discord Developer Portal.
  2. To create a Discord bot, you need to visit the official Discord Developer Portal. You can find it at

    Make sure you are logged in with your Discord account.

  3. Create a new application.
  4. Once you are on the Developer Portal, click on the “New Application” button and give it an appropriate name. This will be the name of your bot.

  5. Set up the bot.
  6. After creating your application, navigate to the “Bot” tab from the sidebar and click on “Add Bot”. Confirm by clicking on “Yes, do it!”

    when prompted.

  7. Copy the token.
  8. On the same page, under the “Token” section, click on “Copy” to copy your bot’s token. This token is essential for authenticating your bot with Discord’s API.

    Step 2: Adding the Bot to Your Server

    Now that you have created your bot, it’s time to add it to your Discord server. Follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Discord Developer Portal.
    2. Open the Developer Portal again and select your application from the list.

    3. Enable server members intent.
    4. In order for your bot to access member information, you need to enable the “Server Members Intent” option. You can find it under the “Bot” tab.

    5. Generate an OAuth2 URL.
    6. Scroll down to the “OAuth2 URL Generator” section and select the “bot” scope. This will generate a URL for adding your bot to a server.

    7. Authorize your bot.
    8. Copy the generated URL and open it in a new browser tab. Select your desired server from the drop-down menu and click on “Authorize”.

      Complete any additional verification steps if prompted.

    Step 3: Adding a Server Status Bot

    Now that you have added your bot to your server, let’s proceed with adding a server status bot specifically. One popular option is using the “ServerStats” bot. Here’s how you can add it:

    1. Invite ServerStats.
    2. Visit the official website of ServerStats ( and click on the “Invite” button. Select your server from the drop-down menu and authorize the bot.

    3. Configure ServerStats.
    4. Once the bot is added to your server, you can start configuring it. Use the command “!setchannel” followed by the desired channel name to set up a channel where you want to display the server status.

    5. Customize ServerStats.
    6. ServerStats provides various customization options. You can explore them using commands like “!setinfo”, “!setstyle”, and “!setfooter”.


    Congratulations! You have successfully added a server status bot to your Discord server.

    By following these steps, you can now monitor and track the availability of your server effortlessly. Remember, there are several other bots available as well, so feel free to explore different options based on your specific needs.

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