How Do Discord Server Bans Work?


Angela Bailey

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to create and join servers where they can chat, voice call, and share media with others. While Discord provides a great space for communities to connect and engage, there may be instances where server admins need to enforce rules and maintain order.

One way to do this is through server bans. In this article, we will explore how Discord server bans work and the different aspects associated with them.

What is a Discord Server Ban?

A server ban on Discord is a strict action taken by server administrators or moderators to restrict a user’s access to a specific server. When a user is banned from a server, they are no longer able to view or participate in any of the channels within that particular community.

How Does a Server Ban Work?

  • When an admin or moderator decides to ban a user, they have the option to choose between two types of bans: kick or ban. A kick temporarily removes the user from the server but allows them to rejoin later.

    On the other hand, a ban permanently blocks the user’s access.

  • Kick: A kick serves as a warning or temporary suspension for users who violate the rules of a Discord server. It removes the user from the server but doesn’t prevent them from rejoining once invited back.
  • Ban: When an admin chooses to ban a user, it results in their permanent removal from the server. A banned user cannot rejoin unless explicitly unbanned by an admin or through an invite link.
  • The process of banning someone typically involves right-clicking on their username within the Discord client or using moderation bots with specific commands.

Ban Duration and Appeals

While a regular ban is permanent, Discord also offers the option to apply temporary bans for a specific duration. This feature can be useful when server admins want to impose a temporary suspension as a form of punishment.

In some cases, server admins may choose to allow banned users to appeal their ban. Appeals can be submitted through various channels specified by the server administrators.

These channels can include email, support tickets, or even dedicated appeal forms. Once an appeal has been received, it is up to the discretion of the server admin or moderation team to decide whether to lift the ban or maintain it.

Effects of a Ban

When a user is banned from a Discord server, several actions take place:

  • The banned user’s username and avatar become “greyed out” within the server’s member list.
  • All messages sent by the banned user remain visible in chat history but are attributed to “Deleted User”.
  • The banned user loses access to all text and voice channels within that server.
  • If the banned user was assigned any roles within the server, those roles are automatically removed.

Moderation Bots and Ban Lists

To streamline the process of managing bans and enforcing rules on Discord servers, many communities rely on moderation bots. These bots assist admins with tasks such as issuing bans, tracking user behavior, and providing automated moderation.

In addition, Discord provides built-in features like ban lists that allow server admins to create lists of users who are not allowed access. Ban lists can be useful when multiple servers want to collectively enforce bans on certain individuals across different communities.

Ban Evasion

Despite efforts made by Discord and its community moderators, some users may attempt to evade bans by creating alternate accounts or using VPN services. This practice, known as ban evasion, can be challenging to handle effectively. Server admins should remain vigilant and take additional measures to prevent ban evaders from disrupting their communities.


Discord server bans are a powerful tool for maintaining order and enforcing rules within communities. Whether it’s a temporary kick or a permanent ban, server admins have the flexibility to choose the appropriate action based on the severity of the violation. By understanding how Discord server bans work, server administrators can ensure that their communities remain safe and enjoyable for all members.

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