How Can I Tell How Many Channels a Discord Server Has?


Scott Campbell

Discord is a popular platform for communication among gamers, communities, and teams. One of its key features is the ability to create and join servers. Servers in Discord act as virtual meeting places where users can interact with each other through text, voice, and video channels.

If you’re a server administrator or moderator, you may find yourself needing to know how many channels are in a particular server. Luckily, Discord provides an easy way to check the number of channels within a server.

To find out how many channels a Discord server has, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Discord

The first thing you need to do is open the Discord application on your computer or launch the Discord website in your browser. Log in if necessary.

Step 2: Navigate to the Server Settings

Once you’re logged in, locate the server for which you want to count the channels on the left-hand side of the screen. Right-click on its icon and select “Server Settings” from the context menu that appears.

Step 3: Access Server Information

In the Server Settings menu, look for a tab called “Overview” or “Server Information.” Click on it to access more details about the server.

Step 4: Count Channels

In the server information section, there should be a list of different categories such as “Text Channels,” “Voice Channels,” and possibly others depending on how your server is set up. Each category will display its respective number of channels next to it.

To count all channels in a server, simply add up the numbers displayed for each category. For example, if there are 5 text channels and 3 voice channels listed, then that particular server has a total of 8 channels.

It’s worth noting that the channel count includes both visible and hidden channels. Hidden channels are not displayed in the server’s channel list but can still be accessed and used by members with appropriate permissions.


Knowing how many channels a Discord server has can be useful for various reasons such as managing server resources, organizing content, and understanding the overall structure of the community. With Discord’s intuitive interface, finding out the number of channels in a server is a simple task.

Remember to regularly review your server’s channel setup to ensure it meets the needs of your community. Adding or removing channels can help keep things organized and make communication more efficient.

Now that you know how to count channels in a Discord server, go ahead and explore other features Discord has to offer!

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