Does Ubuntu Server Have a Web UI?


Heather Bennett

In this tutorial, we will explore whether Ubuntu Server has a web user interface (UI).


Ubuntu Server is a popular operating system for servers due to its stability, security, and flexibility. It is known for its command-line interface (CLI), which allows administrators to configure and manage the server efficiently. However, some users prefer a graphical user interface (GUI) for ease of use and visual representation.

Does Ubuntu Server have a web UI?

No, by default, Ubuntu Server does not come with a web-based user interface. The focus of Ubuntu Server is primarily on providing a lightweight and efficient environment for server administration through the command line.

Why doesn’t Ubuntu Server have a web UI?

The decision not to include a web UI in Ubuntu Server is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Resource efficiency: Servers are designed to perform specific tasks efficiently without unnecessary overhead. A lightweight CLI consumes fewer system resources compared to a GUI environment.
  • Security: Command-line interfaces are less prone to vulnerabilities as they have minimal attack surfaces.

    Eliminating the need for graphical components reduces potential security risks.

  • Flexibility: CLI allows advanced users and system administrators to automate tasks easily through scripts and batch operations. It provides more control and customization options compared to GUI interfaces.

Are there alternatives?

If you prefer managing your server with a web-based interface, there are several third-party solutions available that can be installed on top of Ubuntu Server:

  • Cockpit: Cockpit is a powerful web-based server management tool that provides an intuitive dashboard for managing multiple servers. It allows you to monitor system performance, configure network settings, manage storage, and more.
  • Webmin: Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration tasks. It provides a user-friendly GUI for managing various aspects of the server, including file systems, users and groups, DNS configuration, and more.

Both Cockpit and Webmin offer comprehensive server management capabilities through a web interface while being compatible with Ubuntu Server.


Ubuntu Server does not come with a built-in web-based user interface. However, third-party tools like Cockpit and Webmin can be installed to provide a graphical management interface for your Ubuntu Server. It’s important to consider the trade-offs between using a CLI or GUI when deciding on the best approach for your server administration needs.

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