Does the Battle Cats Have a Discord Server?


Scott Campbell

Does the Battle Cats Have a Discord Server?

If you’re a fan of the popular mobile game, Battle Cats, you might be wondering if there is an official Discord server where you can connect with fellow players, discuss strategies, and stay updated with the latest news. Well, I’m here to answer that question for you!

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication platform designed for creating communities. With features like text chat, voice chat, and video chat, it has become a popular choice for gamers to connect with each other. It allows players to join servers dedicated to specific games or topics and engage in discussions with like-minded individuals.

The Battle Cats Community

The Battle Cats has a strong and passionate community of players who love the game and want to interact with others who share their enthusiasm. While there isn’t an official Discord server managed by the developers of Battle Cats (PONOS), many players have taken it upon themselves to create their own servers where fans can come together.

Unofficial Discord Servers

There are several unofficial Battle Cats Discord servers that you can join to connect with fellow players:

  • BattleCatsNerds: This server is dedicated to all things Battle Cats. It has channels for discussing strategies, sharing cat unit rankings, showcasing fan art, and much more. It’s a great place to interact with experienced players and learn from their expertise.
  • BattleCatsCommunity: Another active community server focused on the Battle Cats game. Here, you can find channels for general discussions, events, guides, and even trading cats!

    It’s an excellent platform to make friends and exchange tips and tricks.

  • BattleCatsHQ: This server is known for its friendly and welcoming community. It provides channels for discussing updates, sharing battle scores, organizing multiplayer battles, and participating in special events. If you’re looking for an inclusive and supportive Battle Cats community, this server is worth checking out.

Joining a Discord Server

To join any of these Battle Cats Discord servers, you’ll need to have a Discord account. If you haven’t created one yet, head over to and sign up—it’s free!

Once you have an account, simply search for the server name in the Discord app or website’s search bar. Click on the server that matches your search query and click “Join” to become a member. You’ll then be able to access all the channels and start interacting with the Battle Cats community!

Benefits of Joining a Discord Server

Joining a Battle Cats Discord server can offer several benefits:

  • Connect with fellow players: Discord servers provide a platform for players to meet others who share their love for Battle Cats. You can discuss strategies, seek advice, and form alliances with like-minded individuals.
  • Stay updated with game news: Many servers have dedicated channels where admins or members share news and updates related to Battle Cats. This ensures that you’re always in the loop about new features, events, or collaborations.
  • Showcase your achievements: Some servers have specific channels where players can share their battle scores or achievements with others.

    It’s a great way to celebrate your successes and receive recognition from fellow players.

  • Participate in multiplayer battles: If you’re looking for opponents to challenge in multiplayer battles, Discord servers often have channels dedicated to organizing these events. You can test your skills against other skilled players and have a blast!
  • Access valuable resources: Many servers provide comprehensive guides, cat unit rankings, and other useful resources that can help you improve your gameplay. These resources are often created by experienced players who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

So, if you’re a Battle Cats enthusiast looking to connect with others who share your passion for the game, joining a Battle Cats Discord server is highly recommended. It’s an excellent way to enhance your gaming experience and become part of a vibrant community!

Remember to follow the server rules and be respectful towards other members. Engage in meaningful discussions, ask questions, and most importantly, have fun!

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