Does SQLite Support JSON Data Type?


Larry Thompson

Does SQLite Support JSON Data Type?

SQLite is a widely used database management system that is known for its lightweight nature and simplicity. It is used in a variety of applications, from mobile to desktop and even embedded systems. One common question that arises when working with SQLite is whether it supports the JSON data type.

The Short Answer:

No, SQLite does not have a native JSON data type. Unlike some other databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL, which have built-in support for storing and querying JSON data, SQLite does not provide direct support for JSON.


However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t work with JSON data in SQLite. There are several workarounds available to handle JSON-like data in SQLite.

Casting as Text

One approach is to store the JSON data as plain text within a TEXT column. This means that you treat the JSON string as any other text value and store it in the database accordingly.

CREATE TABLE my_table (
    json_data TEXT

You can then use regular SQL operations to insert and retrieve the JSON text from the database. However, keep in mind that since SQLite doesn’t have native support for JSON parsing or querying, you’ll need to rely on external libraries or your application code to handle these operations.

JSON1 Extension

An alternative approach is to make use of the JSON1 extension. The JSON1 extension adds several SQL functions that allow you to work with JSON-like data more conveniently within SQLite.

CREATE TABLE my_table (
    json_data JSON

To enable the JSON1 extension, you need to compile SQLite with the JSON1 option or load it as an extension using the sqlite3_load_extension() function in your application code.

The JSON1 extension provides functions like json(), json_array(), and json_extract(), which allow you to create, manipulate, and query JSON-like data directly within SQLite. These functions mimic some of the JSON capabilities found in other databases, making it easier to work with JSON-like data.

Third-Party Libraries

If neither of the above options suits your needs, you can also consider using third-party libraries that provide more advanced JSON support for SQLite. These libraries often come with additional features like indexing and querying for JSON data.

In Conclusion:

While SQLite does not have native support for the JSON data type, there are workarounds available to handle JSON-like data effectively. By storing JSON as text or utilizing the JSON1 extension or third-party libraries, you can work with JSON in SQLite efficiently.


If working with extensive amounts of complex structured or nested JSON data is a core requirement of your application, you might want to consider using a database system that has native support for the JSON data type. However, for simpler use cases or when compatibility with existing SQLite databases is essential, the available workarounds can be sufficient.

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