Does Sea of Thieves Have a Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

Sea of Thieves is a popular multiplayer pirate-themed game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. With its vast open world and exciting gameplay, it has gained a massive following of players who are eager to set sail on epic adventures. One question that often arises among players is whether Sea of Thieves has an official Discord server.

The Power of Discord

Discord has become the go-to platform for gamers to connect with each other, join communities, and communicate while playing their favorite games. It offers text, voice, and video chat features that make it easy to coordinate with teammates or meet new players.

Sea of Thieves Community

The Sea of Thieves community is known for its camaraderie and love for all things pirate-related. Players enjoy sharing tips, tricks, and stories about their adventures on the high seas. Having a dedicated Discord server can enhance this sense of community by providing a central hub for players to gather.

The Official Sea of Thieves Discord Server

Yes, Sea of Thieves does have an official Discord server! This server is managed by the developers themselves and serves as a place for players to connect with each other and receive updates about the game. It’s a great resource for finding crewmates, discussing strategies, or simply sharing your excitement about the game.

Joining the Server

To join the official Sea of Thieves Discord server, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your Discord application or visit in your web browser.
  • If you don’t already have an account, create one by clicking on “Register” and following the prompts.
  • Once logged in, click on the “+” button on the left-hand side of the screen to add a new server.
  • In the “Join a Server” field, enter the following invite link:
  • Click “Join” and you will be instantly connected to the official Sea of Thieves Discord server!

The Benefits of Joining

By joining the official Sea of Thieves Discord server, you gain access to a wealth of resources and opportunities. Here are some benefits of being part of this vibrant community:

Connect with Fellow Pirates

You can meet other players who share your passion for Sea of Thieves. Whether you’re looking for crewmates to sail with or simply want to chat about the game, this server provides a platform to connect with like-minded individuals.

Stay Updated

The developers frequently share important announcements, updates, and patch notes on the server. By joining, you’ll be among the first to know about new features, events, and content additions.

Get Help and Support

If you encounter any issues while playing Sea of Thieves or have questions about gameplay mechanics, the server is a great place to seek help. The community is generally helpful and experienced players are often willing to share their knowledge.

Participate in Events

The Sea of Thieves Discord server regularly hosts events such as tournaments, contests, and giveaways. These events provide an opportunity to showcase your skills as a pirate and win exciting prizes.

In Conclusion

The official Sea of Thieves Discord server is a valuable resource for players looking to connect with fellow pirates, stay updated on game news, seek assistance when needed, and participate in exciting events. Joining this thriving community can enhance your Sea of Thieves experience by providing a platform to engage with like-minded individuals and make the most out of your adventures on the high seas.

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