Does Removing Someone From a Discord Server Notify Them?


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Does Removing Someone From a Discord Server Notify Them?

If you’re an active Discord server administrator, you may have found yourself in a situation where you need to remove someone from your server. Whether it’s due to inappropriate behavior, violation of server rules, or simply because they no longer belong, it’s essential to understand the consequences of removing someone from your Discord server.

Will They Be Notified?

One common concern among server administrators is whether the person being removed will be notified about their removal. The answer is both yes and no, depending on the circumstances.

Notification for Kicked Users

If you choose to kick someone from your Discord server, they will receive a notification informing them that they have been kicked. This notification will be displayed in their Discord app as well as in any other devices they are logged in to.

Pro tip: It’s important to communicate with the user being kicked beforehand and explain why they are being removed. This helps maintain transparency and avoid unnecessary confusion or resentment.

No Notification for Banned Users

If you decide to ban someone from your Discord server instead of just kicking them, there won’t be any explicit notification sent to the user. When they try to access the server again, they will simply see that they are unable to join or view its contents.

Note: While banned users won’t receive a direct notification, it’s still good practice to communicate with them before taking such action if possible.

What Happens After Removal?

Once someone has been removed from your Discord server, several things occur:

  • All their messages are still visible in the chat history.
  • Their username will appear as “Deleted User” or “User left” in the member list and any past messages they sent.
  • They lose access to all server channels, voice chats, and associated privileges.

Important: While their messages remain visible, you can delete them manually if necessary to maintain a clean server environment.


In summary, removing someone from a Discord server can have varying levels of notification depending on whether you kick or ban them. Kicked users receive a direct notification, while banned users do not.

It’s always recommended to communicate with the user before taking any action and explain why they are being removed to promote transparency and avoid misunderstandings. Additionally, remember that removed users’ messages remain visible, but you have the option to delete them if desired.

Remember: Effective communication and clear rules are essential for maintaining a healthy Discord community!

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