Does Pokemon Have a Discord Server?


Angela Bailey

Are you a Pokémon fan who loves connecting with other trainers? If so, you may be wondering if Pokémon has an official Discord server. In this article, we’ll explore whether Pokémon has a Discord server and how you can join the community.

What is Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform designed for creating communities. It allows users to chat via text, voice, or video and is widely used by gamers, content creators, and various interest groups.

Pokémon and Discord

Pokémon, the beloved franchise that has captured the hearts of millions worldwide, does have an official Discord server. This server serves as a hub for trainers to come together and discuss all things related to Pokémon.

Joining the Official Pokémon Discord Server

If you’re excited to join the official Pokémon Discord server, follow these steps:

  • Create a Discord account: If you don’t already have a Discord account, visit and sign up for free.
  • Navigate to the Pokémon Server: Once signed in, click on the plus (+) button on the left-hand side of your screen to “Add a Server.” Then click on “Join a Server” and enter the following invite link: insert invite link here.
  • Become Part of the Community: Congratulations!

    You are now part of the official Pokémon Discord server. Take some time to explore different channels, introduce yourself in appropriate sections, and start connecting with fellow trainers.

The Benefits of Joining Pokémon’s Official Discord Server

Joining the official Pokémon Discord server offers several benefits:

  • Community Engagement: Connect with trainers from around the world who share your passion for Pokémon. Engage in discussions, share strategies, and participate in community events.
  • Announcements and Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest news, updates, and announcements from The Pokémon Company and the Pokémon franchise.
  • Official Support: Receive assistance from official Pokémon staff members and moderators regarding any queries or issues you may have.
  • Showcase Your Achievements: Share your Pokémon collection, battle victories, shiny encounters, and more with your fellow trainers.

Rules and Etiquette

To ensure a positive and welcoming environment for everyone, it’s important to follow the rules and etiquette of the official Pokémon Discord server. Some general guidelines include:

  • Respect: Treat other trainers with respect and kindness. Avoid engaging in any form of harassment or hate speech.
  • No Spamming or Self-Promotion: Do not spam messages or promote external content without permission from moderators.
  • Stay on Topic: Keep discussions focused on Pokémon-related topics to maintain relevance within the community.

In Conclusion

The official Pokémon Discord server is a fantastic platform for connecting with fellow trainers, staying updated on news and announcements, seeking assistance from official staff members, and showcasing your achievements. Join today to become part of this vibrant community!

We hope this article has answered your question about whether Pokémon has a Discord server. Now it’s time to join the server and start your Pokémon journey with like-minded trainers!

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