Does PES Have Scripting?


Angela Bailey

Does PES Have Scripting?

When it comes to football video games, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) is a name that often comes up in discussions. Known for its realistic gameplay and stunning graphics, PES has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years. However, there has been an ongoing debate among players about whether PES incorporates scripting into its gameplay.

The Concept of Scripting

Before delving into the question of whether PES has scripting, let’s first understand what scripting means in the context of video games. Scripting refers to a mechanism used by game developers to manipulate certain aspects of the game’s behavior dynamically. It involves altering the game’s AI (artificial intelligence) to create more dramatic or unpredictable moments during gameplay.

The Argument Against Scripting

PES enthusiasts who argue against the presence of scripting believe that the game’s mechanics are solely based on skill and strategy. According to them, every outcome in a match is determined by the player’s abilities and decisions during gameplay. They believe that any perceived manipulation or imbalance in matches can be attributed to factors such as player form, team chemistry, and tactics.

  • Player Form: In PES, each player has their own form rating that affects their performance on the field. A player with high form is more likely to perform well, while a player with low form may struggle.
  • Team Chemistry: Team chemistry plays a crucial role in how well players coordinate with each other on the field.

    A team with high chemistry is more likely to perform better as compared to a team with low chemistry.

  • Tactics: The tactics chosen by players before a match can significantly impact the gameplay. Different formations and strategies can give players an advantage or disadvantage depending on how well they are executed.

The Argument For Scripting

On the other hand, some players believe that scripting does exist in PES. They argue that certain moments during matches feel predetermined and out of their control. These moments often involve sudden changes in gameplay, such as a dramatic increase in the opponent’s team performance or a decrease in the player’s team performance.

Proponents of scripting argue that these moments are designed to create excitement and tension, making matches more unpredictable and engaging. They believe that scripting is implemented to level the playing field and provide opportunities for comebacks, thus keeping matches thrilling until the last minute.

The Developers’ Stance

Konami, the developer of PES, has not officially confirmed or denied the presence of scripting in the game. However, they have stated that PES aims to provide a realistic football experience and that any perceived imbalances are results of various factors like player form, team chemistry, and tactics.

In Conclusion

Whether PES has scripting or not remains a topic of debate among its players. While some argue that every outcome is solely based on skill and strategy, others believe that certain moments during matches feel scripted. Ultimately, it is up to each player to form their own opinion based on their experiences with the game.

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