Does Orbi Have a DNS Server?


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Does Orbi Have a DNS Server?

When it comes to setting up a home network, having a reliable DNS server is essential. The Domain Name System (DNS) is responsible for translating domain names, such as, into IP addresses that computers can understand. This translation allows us to access websites and other online services.

If you are using an Orbi router in your home network setup, you might be wondering if it has its own built-in DNS server. The answer to this question is yes!

What is a DNS Server?

A DNS server is a crucial component of any network infrastructure. It acts as a directory service that helps resolve domain names to their corresponding IP addresses. Without a DNS server, our devices would have to remember the IP addresses of all the websites we want to visit, which would be impractical.

The Benefits of Having an Orbi DNS Server

The Orbi router series, developed by Netgear, includes its own built-in DNS server. This feature offers several benefits:

  • Improved Network Performance: With an Orbi router acting as your DNS server, you can expect faster response times when browsing the web or accessing online services. The dedicated DNS server reduces the need for external requests and provides quicker translations between domain names and IP addresses.
  • Enhanced Security: By using the Orbi DNS server, you can take advantage of additional security features such as malware blocking and phishing protection.

    The built-in server can help protect your network from potential threats and keep your devices safe from malicious activities.

  • Flexible Configuration: The Orbi router allows users to configure custom settings for their DNS preferences. You can choose to use the default DNS server provided by your internet service provider or opt for a specific public DNS server, such as Google DNS or OpenDNS. This flexibility allows you to personalize your network setup according to your needs.

How to Configure Orbi’s DNS Server Settings

Configuring Orbi’s DNS server settings is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Orbi Web Interface

To begin, open a web browser on a device connected to your Orbi network and enter “” in the address bar. Press Enter to access the Orbi web interface.

Step 2: Log in to Your Orbi Router

Enter your username and password when prompted. If you haven’t changed these credentials, the default username is typically “admin,” and the default password is “password.”

Step 3: Navigate to the DNS Settings

In the web interface, locate and click on the “Advanced” tab. From there, select “Advanced Setup” and then “DNS Service.”

Step 4: Configure Your Preferred DNS Server

You will see options for configuring your preferred DNS server settings. Choose whether you want to use automatic DNS (provided by your ISP) or manual DNS settings (where you can input custom servers like Google DNS or OpenDNS).

Note: It’s recommended that you consult with your internet service provider or IT professional for guidance on selecting appropriate DNS servers.

Step 5: Apply Changes

After making any necessary changes, click on the “Apply” button to save your settings and apply them to your Orbi router.


An Orbi router does indeed have its own DNS server, which offers improved network performance, enhanced security features, and flexible configuration options. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily configure Orbi’s DNS server settings to suit your network requirements.

Having a reliable DNS server is crucial for a smooth and secure internet experience. With Orbi’s built-in DNS server, you can ensure that your network operates efficiently and safely.

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