Does Oracle Support Double Data Type?


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Does Oracle Support Double Data Type?

When working with Oracle databases, it is important to understand the available data types and their limitations. One commonly used data type in other database systems is the double data type. However, Oracle does not have a specific double data type.

Oracle Numeric Data Types

In Oracle, numeric data types are used to store numeric values. These include the NUMBER, BINARY_FLOAT, and BINARY_DOUBLE data types.

The NUMBER Data Type

The most commonly used numeric data type in Oracle is the NUMBER. It can store positive and negative numbers, as well as decimal values. The precision and scale of a NUMBER column can be specified, allowing you to control the number of digits stored before and after the decimal point.


If you need to store floating-point numbers with higher precision than what is provided by the NUMBER data type, Oracle offers the BINARY_FLOAT and BINARY_DOUBLE data types. These are typically used for scientific or financial calculations where precision is critical.

Differences Between Double and BINARY_DOUBLE Data Types

The absence of a specific double data type in Oracle might lead to confusion for those accustomed to using it in other databases. However, it’s important to note that the BINARY_DOUBLE data type in Oracle provides similar functionality.

  • Precision: The BINARY_DOUBLE data type in Oracle has a precision of 126 binary digits, which is roughly equivalent to 38 decimal digits.
  • Storage Size: A BINARY_DOUBLE column requires 8 bytes of storage.
  • Range and Precision: The range and precision of the BINARY_DOUBLE data type make it suitable for most applications requiring double-precision floating-point numbers.


In conclusion, while Oracle does not have a specific double data type, the BINARY_DOUBLE data type serves as an equivalent for storing double-precision floating-point numbers. Understanding the available numeric data types in Oracle is crucial for accurate and efficient database design and development.

If you have any further questions or need more information about Oracle data types, refer to the official Oracle documentation or consult with experienced database professionals.

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