Does MySQL Support Date Data Type?


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Does MySQL Support Date Data Type?

When working with databases, handling dates is a common requirement. MySQL, being one of the most popular relational database management systems, provides excellent support for managing date and time data. In this article, we will explore how MySQL supports the date data type and how it can be used effectively in your database applications.

MySQL’s Date Data Type

In MySQL, the date data type is used to store dates without any time component. This means that if you only need to store and manipulate dates in your application, this data type is a perfect choice. The date value is represented in the ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ format.

To create a column with the date data type in a MySQL table, you can use the following syntax:

CREATE TABLE example (
    id INT,
    event_date DATE

Date Functions and Operators

MySQL provides various functions and operators that can be used to manipulate and perform calculations on date values. Some commonly used functions include:

  • NOW(): Returns the current date and time.
  • DATE(): Extracts the date part from a given datetime value.
  • DATE_ADD(): Adds a specified interval to a given date.
  • DATEDIFF(): Calculates the difference between two dates.

You can use these functions in your SQL queries to perform various operations on date values stored in your database tables.

Date Formatting

In addition to storing and manipulating dates, MySQL also allows you to format the date values according to your requirements. The DATE_FORMAT() function is used for this purpose. It allows you to convert a date value into a specific format.

For example, if you want to display the date in the ‘DD-MM-YYYY’ format, you can use the following query:

SELECT DATE_FORMAT(event_date, '%d-%m-%Y') AS formatted_date
FROM example;

This will return the date values in the desired format.


In conclusion, MySQL provides excellent support for managing date data. By utilizing the date data type and various functions and operators, you can easily handle and manipulate dates in your database applications. Additionally, the ability to format date values according to your requirements adds flexibility to your queries and improves the user experience.

With MySQL’s robust date handling capabilities, you can confidently build powerful applications that rely on accurate and efficient management of dates.

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