Does Kicking Someone From Discord Server Notify Them?


Heather Bennett

Have you ever wondered if kicking someone from a Discord server notifies them? If you’re a server owner or moderator, it’s important to understand how the kick feature works and what happens when you use it. In this article, we’ll explore the intricacies of Discord’s kick functionality and shed light on whether or not users are notified when they get kicked from a server.

What is kicking someone from a Discord server?

Kicking someone from a Discord server is an action that removes a user from the server. It’s typically used as a way to enforce rules and maintain order within a community. When you kick someone, they lose access to all channels, voice chats, and other features of the server.

Does kicking someone notify them?

The short answer is yes. When you kick someone from your Discord server, they will receive a notification informing them of their removal.

This notification helps create transparency and ensures that users are aware of why they were kicked. It also serves as an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their behavior and potentially reach out to the server owner or moderators for clarification or resolution.

What does the notification say?

When a user gets kicked from a Discord server, they receive an automated message that states:

[Your username] kicked you from [Server name]. You can no longer access this server.”

The message clearly conveys that the user has been kicked by mentioning both their username and the name of the specific server they were removed from. This ensures that there is no confusion regarding which community took action against them.

Can users rejoin after being kicked?

After getting kicked from a Discord server, users have the option to rejoin if the server’s invite link is public or if they receive a new invitation from a member of the server. However, it’s important to note that the decision to reinvite rests with the server owner or moderators. They may choose to impose additional restrictions or conditions before allowing a user back into the community.


Kicking someone from a Discord server is an effective way to moderate and maintain order within a community. While users are indeed notified when they get kicked, this notification helps create transparency and encourages reflection on their actions. It’s essential for server owners and moderators to use this feature responsibly and communicate clearly with their members.

Remember, fostering a positive and inclusive environment is key to building a thriving Discord community.

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