Does Excel 2016 Have the Stocks Data Type?


Heather Bennett

Excel 2016 has revolutionized the way we work with data, offering a wide range of features and functions that make managing and analyzing information easier than ever before. One of the most exciting additions to Excel 2016 is the Stocks data type, which allows users to access up-to-date stock market information directly within their spreadsheets.

What is the Stocks Data Type?

The Stocks data type is a powerful tool that enables users to retrieve real-time stock market data without leaving their Excel workbook. This feature enhances the functionality of Excel by enabling users to track stock prices, historical data, and financial information effortlessly. With this new addition, Excel becomes more than just a simple spreadsheet program—it becomes a powerful resource for financial analysis.

How Does it Work?

The Stocks data type in Excel 2016 leverages the power of Microsoft’s cloud-based service, Bing Finance. This integration allows users to access an extensive database of financial information, including real-time stock prices, historical trading data, and key financial metrics. By simply typing in a company name or stock symbol into a cell, Excel will automatically recognize it as a stock and fetch relevant information.

Using the Stocks Data Type

To utilize the Stocks data type in Excel 2016, follow these simple steps:

  • Type: Start by typing in the name of a company or its ticker symbol into an empty cell.
  • Data Recognition: Once you finish typing, Excel will automatically recognize it as a stock and convert it into a linked Data Type.
  • Data Extraction: After recognizing the input as a stock symbol or company name, Excel will fetch relevant details such as current price, open price, close price, high/low prices for the day or historical data, and other financial metrics.
  • Linked Data: The stock data will be linked to the cell, meaning that it will automatically update when the data changes in real-time.

This integration of stocks data into Excel 2016 is a game-changer for financial professionals, investors, and anyone who needs to track stock market information. It eliminates the need to manually search for stock prices or import data from external sources, saving time and effort.

Benefits of the Stocks Data Type

The Stocks data type in Excel 2016 offers numerous advantages:

  • Real-Time Updates: Stock prices are automatically updated in real-time, ensuring you have access to the most current information.
  • Efficiency: No more manual searching or importing of stock market data; everything you need is now available within Excel.
  • Data Analysis: With easy access to historical trading data and financial metrics, you can perform in-depth analysis right within your spreadsheet.
  • Data Formatting: The Stocks data type also allows you to customize the formatting of stock market information according to your preferences.

In Conclusion

The addition of the Stocks data type in Excel 2016 has transformed how we work with financial information. By incorporating this feature into your spreadsheets, you can harness the power of real-time stock market data without ever leaving Excel. Take advantage of this powerful tool to make informed decisions and streamline your financial analysis process.

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