Does Do Not Disturb Discord Server?


Larry Thompson

Does Do Not Disturb Discord Server?

Discord is a popular communication platform among gamers and online communities. It provides a seamless way to connect with friends, share experiences, and coordinate activities.

One of the key features in Discord is the “Do Not Disturb” (DND) mode, which allows users to temporarily silence notifications and avoid distractions. But does this mode really prevent disturbances in a Discord server? Let’s explore.

Understanding Do Not Disturb Mode

In Discord, the DND mode is designed to give users some peace and quiet by muting all incoming notifications. When enabled, you won’t receive any pings, alerts, or message previews on your desktop or mobile device. The DND status is indicated by a small moon icon next to your username.

Important: Although DND mode can help reduce interruptions from direct messages and server notifications, it does not affect certain types of messages such as mentions or @everyone pings. This means that you may still receive alerts for specific events or activities within a server.

Notifications in Discord Servers

In a Discord server, various types of notifications can be generated depending on the server settings and your role within it. Let’s take a look at some common notification scenarios:


  • User Mentions: When someone tags you directly using @yourusername, you will receive a notification regardless of your DND status.
  • @everyone Mentions: If the server owner or someone with the necessary permissions uses @everyone to notify all members of an update or announcement, you will still receive this notification even when in DND mode.
  • @role Mentions: Similarly, if you are assigned a role and someone uses @yourrole, you will be notified regardless of your DND status.

Channel Notifications

  • All Messages: By default, Discord notifies you of all messages in a server. Even when in DND mode, you will still see message previews and receive notifications for every new message unless you customize the server settings.
  • Mentioned Channels: If a message is posted in a channel that you have muted or disabled notifications for, you will not receive any alerts or previews.

Customizing Server Notifications

To have more control over the notifications within a specific Discord server, you can customize your settings. Here’s how:

  1. Select the server where you want to adjust the notification settings.
  2. Click on the server name at the top left to open the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Notification Settings” from the options.
  4. In the notification settings window, you can choose to enable or disable various types of alerts and mentions according to your preferences. This allows you to fine-tune which notifications will reach you even when in DND mode.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that customizing your server notifications only affects how they are delivered to you. Other members may still receive their own notifications based on their own settings and roles within the server.

The Role of Server Admins

If you are an admin or have permission to manage a Discord server, it’s important to understand that DND mode does not override all notification rules within your server. As an admin, your mentions and @everyone pings will still reach users in DND mode. This is important to ensure important announcements or urgent updates are communicated effectively.


In summary, while enabling DND mode in Discord can help reduce general distractions and notifications, it does not completely silence all disturbances in a server. User mentions, @everyone pings, and custom role mentions can still break through the silence.

To have more control over notifications within a server, customization of server settings is key. As an admin, it’s crucial to be aware that your messages may still reach users in DND mode.

Discord’s DND mode is a valuable tool for managing interruptions but understanding its limitations and customizing server notifications can provide a more tailored experience. So go ahead, enable DND mode when you need some peace and quiet, but remember to fine-tune your settings for optimal control over your Discord experience!

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