Does Discord Server Region Matter?


Heather Bennett

In the world of online gaming and communication, Discord has become a popular platform for gamers to connect with each other. With millions of active users, Discord offers a variety of features and options to enhance the gaming experience. One such feature that often goes unnoticed is the server region.

What is Server Region?

When creating a new server on Discord, one of the options available is to choose the server region. The server region refers to the geographical location where the server will be hosted. Discord has numerous server regions spread across different continents, including North America, Europe, Asia, and more.

Does Server Region Matter?

The choice of server region can have an impact on various aspects of your Discord experience. Let’s take a closer look at why it matters:

1. Latency

One of the main factors affected by server region is latency.

Latency refers to the delay between when you send a message or perform an action and when it reaches other users on the server. Choosing a server region closer to your physical location can reduce latency and provide a smoother communication experience.

2. Voice Chat Quality

If you frequently use voice chat in Discord, choosing the right server region can significantly impact voice chat quality. A closer server region will generally result in lower ping and better audio quality during voice calls.

3. Availability

The availability of certain features may vary depending on your chosen server region.

For example, some servers may have specific bots or integrations that are only supported in certain regions. By selecting an appropriate server region, you can ensure access to all desired features.

How to Change Server Region?

If you want to change your current server’s region or select a different region while creating a new server, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Discord and navigate to the server you want to change the region for.
  2. Click on the server name at the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Server Settings.”
  4. In the Server Settings menu, click on “Overview” if it’s not already selected.
  5. Under the Server Region section, click on the current region to open a list of available options.
  6. Select your desired server region from the list.
  7. Click on “Save Changes” to apply the new server region.

Remember that changing your server region may require all members of the server to reconnect. Additionally, certain permissions or settings specific to your previous region may not carry over to the new one.


In conclusion, while choosing a Discord server region may seem like a minor decision, it can have significant implications for your overall Discord experience. Considering factors such as latency, voice chat quality, and feature availability can help you make an informed decision when selecting a server region. By following simple steps, you can easily change your server’s region to optimize your communication and gaming experience on Discord.

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