Does Discord Server Boost Last Forever?


Larry Thompson

Discord Server Boost is a feature that allows users to support their favorite servers by providing additional perks. It’s a great way for server owners to enhance their communities and offer exclusive benefits to those who boost.

But the question arises, does Discord Server Boost last forever? Let’s dive in and find out!

What is Discord Server Boost?

Discord Server Boost is a premium feature that can be purchased by Discord Nitro subscribers. With Server Boost, users can choose to boost a server of their choice, effectively contributing to its growth and success. This feature not only helps the server financially but also unlocks various perks for both the booster and the entire community.

Perks of Discord Server Boost

When you boost a server, there are several benefits you can enjoy:

  • Improved Audio Quality: Boosting a server enhances the audio quality for voice channels, providing clearer communication during gaming sessions or casual conversations.
  • Customizable Server Banner: The server owner can set a custom banner that appears at the top of the channel list, giving it a personalized touch.
  • Vanity URL: A boosted server can have its own unique vanity URL, making it easier for members to join and share with others.
  • Increase in Emoji Slots: More emoji slots become available as the server gains boosts, allowing for an expanded range of expressive power.
  • Splash Screen: The server owner can set an eye-catching splash screen that appears when someone joins the server, leaving a lasting impression on new members.

The Duration of Discord Server Boost

A common question among users is whether Discord Server Boost lasts forever. The answer is no, it doesn’t!

A Server Boost typically lasts for 30 days from the date of boost. After this period, the boost will expire, and the perks associated with it will be removed.

However, it’s worth noting that users can choose to renew their boost once it expires or even switch to another server to support. This allows users to continuously contribute to different communities and enjoy the benefits of boosting.

Boost Level and Perks

Boosting a server isn’t limited to just one level. As more users boost a particular server, it gains levels, unlocking additional perks along the way. The number of boosts required to reach each level may vary depending on the server’s size and user base.

Higher boost levels bring more benefits not only for the individuals who boosted but also for the entire community. These benefits can include animated server icons, enhanced audio quality, increased bitrate for screen sharing, and even early access to certain features.

The Importance of Continuous Support

It’s important to understand that boosting a server is an ongoing process. Server owners greatly appreciate continuous support from their members as it helps them maintain a thriving community and cover costs related to running the server.

If you’ve boosted a server before but haven’t renewed your boost after it expired, consider giving your favorite community another boost! Your contribution can make a significant difference in creating an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

In Conclusion

Discord Server Boost offers various perks for both individuals and communities. While boosts do not last forever and have a duration of 30 days, users have the option to renew their boosts or switch between servers they wish to support. So go ahead, show your support by boosting your favorite servers and help create vibrant and engaging communities!

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