Does Discord Nitro Come With Server Boosts?


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Does Discord Nitro Come With Server Boosts?

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription plan that offers a wide range of additional features and perks to enhance your Discord experience. One of the most sought-after features among Discord users is server boosts, which allow you to improve the functionality and appearance of your favorite servers.

But does Discord Nitro come with server boosts? Let’s find out.

What are server boosts?

If you’re unfamiliar with server boosts, they are a unique feature introduced by Discord that allows users to support their favorite servers and unlock various benefits for themselves and other members. By using server boosts, you can unlock perks like enhanced audio quality, custom invite backgrounds, animated server icons, and more.

Discord Nitro Classic vs. Discord Nitro

Before we dive into whether or not Discord Nitro comes with server boosts, it’s important to understand the difference between Discord Nitro Classic and Discord Nitro. While both subscription plans offer additional features, the standard Discord Nitro subscription provides more benefits compared to its classic counterpart.

Server boosts and Discord Nitro

Now, let’s answer the question at hand – does Discord Nitro come with server boosts? The answer is yes. When you subscribe to Discord Nitro, you not only gain access to various premium features but also receive two server boosts as part of your subscription.

This means that with two server boosts at your disposal, you have the power to enhance two different servers of your choice. Whether it’s boosting a community server you love or supporting a friend’s gaming hub, these server boosts can make a significant difference in improving the overall experience for all members.

  • Boosting a server not only improves its audio quality but also unlocks custom server banners, vanity URLs, and animated server icons.
  • In addition, the more server boosts a server receives from different users, the higher its level becomes. Higher-level servers unlock perks like increased audio quality slots, higher bitrate limits for voice channels, and a unique badge to showcase their level.

Additional server boosts

If you find that two server boosts are not enough to support all your favorite communities, fear not! Discord offers the option to purchase additional server boosts separately. These extra boosts can be applied to any servers you choose, allowing you to further enhance their functionalities and aesthetics.

In conclusion

In summary, Discord Nitro does come with two server boosts as part of its subscription package. By using these boosts strategically, you can elevate the servers you care about and enjoy exclusive perks such as improved audio quality and customizations.

Additionally, if you wish to boost more than two servers or support additional communities, you have the option to purchase extra server boosts separately. So go ahead and make your mark in the Discord universe by boosting your favorite servers!

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