Does Discord Nitro Apply to Server?


Scott Campbell

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service offered by Discord, the popular communication platform for gamers. With Discord Nitro, users get access to a range of exclusive features and perks to enhance their Discord experience.

But what about servers? Does Discord Nitro apply to servers as well? Let’s find out.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a subscription plan that provides users with additional features and benefits beyond the basic free version of Discord. It offers a range of enhancements, including improved audio quality, larger file upload limits, custom emojis, animated avatars, and a shiny Nitro badge to show off your support for the platform.

Discord Nitro Server Boosts

While most of the benefits of Discord Nitro are focused on individual users, there is one feature that directly impacts servers – Server Boosts. Server Boosts allow Nitro subscribers to boost their favorite servers and unlock special perks for everyone in that server.

How do Server Boosts work?

  • Nitro Classic: With the basic Nitro Classic subscription, you get one server boost included. This means you can choose one server to give a boost and unlock Level 1 perks.
  • Nitro: The full Nitro subscription comes with two server boosts included. This allows you to give boosts to two different servers or use both on one server to unlock Level 2 perks.

What are the perks of Server Boosting?

The more boosts a server receives from its members, the higher its level becomes. Each level unlocks additional perks and benefits for everyone in that server. Here’s an overview of the different levels and their perks:

Level 1

  • Server Banner Background
  • Custom Server Invite Background
  • Animated Server Icon (GIF or APNG files)

Level 2

  • 50+ Emoji Slots (for a total of 100 emojis)
  • 128 Kbps Audio Quality

Level 3

  • Vanity URL (Custom invite link)
  • Livestreams in High Quality (up to 1080p)

In addition to these perks, servers with more boosts also gain priority access to new features and updates from Discord, giving them an extra edge in offering a premium experience to their community.

Earning Server Boosts

You might be wondering how you can earn server boosts for your favorite server. Well, there are a few ways:

  • Purchasing Nitro: As mentioned earlier, both Nitro Classic and Nitro subscriptions come with included server boosts. By subscribing to Nitro, you can boost your favorite server(s) right away.
  • Becoming a Nitro Booster: Some servers have dedicated roles for members who actively boost the server.

    By becoming a Nitro Booster, you not only support the server but also gain access to exclusive channels and perks within that server.

  • Gifting Boosts: If you want to show your appreciation for a particular server or its members, you can gift them a boost. This allows others to enjoy the perks of Nitro without having to subscribe themselves.

Note: Boosting a server requires an active Nitro subscription. If your Nitro subscription expires, the boosts you have given to servers will be removed.


In summary, while Discord Nitro primarily focuses on enhancing the experience for individual users, it does offer a unique feature called Server Boosts. By using these boosts, Nitro subscribers can unlock special perks for the servers they love. Whether it’s customizing server icons, increasing audio quality, or gaining priority access to new features, Discord Nitro provides a way to elevate your favorite communities.

So if you’re looking to support your favorite server and enjoy exclusive benefits in return, consider subscribing to Discord Nitro and start boosting!

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