Does Boosting a Discord Server Take Away Your Nitro?


Larry Thompson

Boosting a Discord server has become a popular way for server owners to attract more members and unlock various perks. However, there might be some confusion regarding whether boosting a server has any impact on your Nitro subscription. In this article, we will dive into this topic and provide you with a clear understanding of how boosting a Discord server affects your Nitro benefits.

What is Discord Nitro?

Before we get into the details of how boosting a server affects your Nitro subscription, let’s quickly recap what Discord Nitro is. Discord Nitro is a premium subscription plan offered by Discord that provides users with enhanced features and perks to enhance their overall Discord experience.

Some notable benefits of Discord Nitro include:

  • High-quality streaming: With Nitro, you can stream in high quality, allowing you to share your gameplay or watch movies together with friends without any lag or pixelation.
  • Increased file upload limit: Nitro users enjoy an increased file upload limit, enabling them to share larger files and media content with ease.
  • Custom Discord tags: Nitro subscribers have the ability to create custom tags that make their usernames unique and stand out in chat.

The Relationship Between Boosting and Nitro

You might be wondering if boosting a server has any impact on your Nitro subscription. The answer is no – boosting a server does not take away your Nitro benefits.

Boosting a server offers its own set of perks, which include:

  • Vanity URL: When you boost a server, you have the option to set a unique vanity URL for the invite link, making it easier to share and remember.
  • Server banner customization: Boosters get the ability to customize the server’s banner, giving them a chance to showcase their creativity and make the server visually appealing.
  • Enhanced audio quality: Boosting a server improves the voice channel audio quality, providing a better experience during voice chats and group calls.

The Role of Nitro Boosts

Nitro boosts play a significant role in boosting a server’s perks. When you boost a server using your Nitro subscription, you contribute towards unlocking additional benefits for all members of that particular server.

Here are some benefits that Nitro boosts bring to a server:

  • Increased emoji slots: As more members boost the server, additional emoji slots get unlocked. This allows for more custom emojis to be added and used by everyone in the server.
  • Improved audio quality: With each Nitro boost, the overall audio quality in voice channels gets enhanced.

    This ensures clearer communication during voice chats.

  • Server level perks: As a server receives more Nitro boosts, it gains levels. Each level unlocks various perks such as increased upload limits and improved streaming quality for all members of the server.

In Conclusion

To summarize, boosting a Discord server does not take away your Nitro benefits. Boosting offers its own set of perks that are separate from Nitro benefits. However, using your Nitro subscription to boost a server helps unlock additional benefits for everyone in that particular server.

If you have Nitro and want to support your favorite server or enjoy the perks of boosting, you can do so without worrying about losing any of your Nitro benefits. Boosting allows you to contribute to the growth and improvement of a server while enjoying a range of additional perks.

So go ahead and explore the world of server boosting, enhance your Discord experience, and connect with like-minded individuals in vibrant communities!

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