Does Apex Have a Discord Server?


Angela Bailey

As an avid Apex Legends player, you may be wondering if there is an official Discord server for the game. Discord is a popular platform for gamers to connect, chat, and form communities. Let’s dive into the question – Does Apex have a Discord server?

What is Discord?

Discord is a free communication platform designed for gamers. It offers various features such as voice chat, text messaging, video calls, and screen sharing. Gamers can create or join servers dedicated to specific games or communities.

The Official Apex Legends Discord Server

Yes, Apex Legends does have an official Discord server! The server serves as a hub for players to connect, find teammates, share strategies, and interact with the developers.

To join the official Apex Legends Discord server:

  • Step 1: Open your Discord application or website.
  • Step 2: Click on the “+” button on the left side of the interface to “Add a Server.”
  • Step 3: Select “Join a Server.”
  • Step 4: Enter the invite code for the Apex Legends server – G4MW5bk.
  • Step 5: Click “Join” to become part of the community!

Benefits of Joining

Joining the official Apex Legends Discord server comes with several benefits:

  • Community Interaction: Interact with fellow players and discuss all things related to Apex Legends.
  • Tournaments and Events: Stay updated about upcoming tournaments and events organized by Respawn Entertainment.
  • Looking for Group (LFG): Find teammates to squad up with and conquer the Apex Games together.
  • Developer Insights: Get a chance to interact with developers, ask questions, and provide feedback directly.

Unofficial Apex Legends Discord Servers

In addition to the official server, there are numerous unofficial Apex Legends Discord servers created by fans and communities. These servers cater to specific regions, languages, playstyles, or content creators.

To find unofficial Apex Legends Discord servers:

  • Websites: Explore websites dedicated to gaming communities like or that list various Apex Legends servers.
  • Social Media: Follow Apex Legends-related social media accounts or join Facebook groups to discover unofficial servers shared by the community.
  • In-Game: Connect with players you meet in-game who may invite you to their preferred Discord server.

Note: While unofficial servers can provide additional opportunities for community engagement, it’s important to be cautious when sharing personal information and follow server rules and guidelines.

In Conclusion

In summary, Apex Legends does have an official Discord server that offers a platform for players to connect, find teammates, engage in discussions, and interact with developers. Additionally, there are many unofficial servers created by fans that cater to specific communities within the game.

So why wait? Join the official Apex Legends Discord server today and become part of the vibrant community!

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