Do You Have to Boost a Discord Server Every Month?


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Do You Have to Boost a Discord Server Every Month?

If you are a Discord server owner or administrator, you might have come across the concept of “boosting” your server. Discord offers a feature called Server Boosting, which allows users to enhance their servers with additional perks and benefits.

But the question arises – do you have to boost your Discord server every month? Let’s dive into this topic and find out!

Understanding Server Boosting

Before we delve into the frequency of boosting, let’s briefly understand what server boosting entails. When you boost a Discord server, you essentially contribute to its overall growth and visibility by investing in it. Boosting comes with various advantages like improved audio quality, enhanced server customization options, higher upload limits for files and attachments, and more.

Boosting offers a range of benefits:

  • Improved Audio Quality: Boosting your server enhances the voice chat experience by enabling high-quality audio.
  • Server Customization: Boosted servers can unlock unique customization options such as animated server icons and custom emojis.
  • Increase in File Upload Limit: Boosted servers enjoy higher upload limits for files and attachments, allowing for seamless sharing.
  • Premium Perks: Depending on the number of boosts, your server can unlock additional perks like increased streaming quality and access to exclusive features.

The Frequency of Boosting

The decision to boost your Discord server every month ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals. While some servers may benefit from monthly boosts, others may find it unnecessary or financially burdensome. Consider the following factors before deciding on the frequency of boosting:

1. Server Size and Activity

The size and activity level of your server play a pivotal role in determining the necessity of boosting. If you have a large server with active members who frequently engage in voice chats or utilize file sharing, boosting can significantly enhance their experience. On the other hand, if your server is smaller and less active, monthly boosts might not provide substantial value.

2. Budget Constraints

Boosting a Discord server comes at a cost. Discord offers different boost tiers, each with its own perks, but they all require an investment.

Consider your budget constraints and whether you can afford to boost your server every month without straining your finances. It might be more feasible to boost periodically or during specific events or promotions.

3. Growth and Visibility Goals

If your primary objective is to grow and increase the visibility of your Discord server, monthly boosts can be beneficial. Boosting consistently can help attract new members, as boosted servers are displayed prominently on Discord’s server discovery page. However, if growth is not a top priority or if you already have a substantial member base, boosting might be less critical.

Alternatives to Monthly Boosts

If boosting every month isn’t feasible for you or doesn’t align with your goals, there are alternative ways to enhance your server’s features and engagement:

  • Promote Your Server: Actively promote your server through social media platforms or other online communities to attract new members.
  • Create Engaging Content: Regularly create engaging content within your server to keep existing members interested and encourage them to invite others.
  • Collaborate with Other Servers: Collaborate with other servers to cross-promote and increase your server’s visibility.
  • Community Events: Organize community events, contests, or giveaways within your server to foster engagement and attract new members.


Boosting your Discord server every month is not a necessity but rather a decision based on your server’s needs, budget, and growth goals. Evaluate these factors carefully to determine the frequency that suits you best.

Remember, boosting can offer valuable perks, but there are alternative strategies to enhance your server’s engagement and visibility if monthly boosts are not feasible for you. Ultimately, the success of your Discord server lies in creating a welcoming and engaging community for its members.

Start boosting wisely!

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