Do Discord Server Owners Have All Permissions?


Larry Thompson

Do Discord Server Owners Have All Permissions?

Discord is a popular platform that allows users to create and manage their own servers. Server owners have a variety of tools and settings at their disposal to customize their server and moderate its members. However, it is important to note that while server owners have significant control over their server, they do not have all permissions.

Server Ownership

When a user creates a server on Discord, they automatically become the server owner. This means they have the highest level of authority within the server and can make changes to its settings and content. The server owner has the power to add or remove members, create channels, manage roles, and adjust various other aspects of the server.

Administrative Permissions

While server owners have extensive control over their server, there are certain administrative permissions that are reserved for Discord itself. These permissions cannot be granted or revoked by the server owner.

  • Ban Members: This permission allows users with administrative privileges to ban members from the server. Server owners can ban members as well, but this permission is exclusive to administrators.
  • Kick Members: Similar to banning members, only users with administrative privileges can kick members from the server.
  • Create Instant Invite: While server owners can create invites for their servers, this permission specifically allows users to create instant invites that never expire.
  • Manage Channels: This permission grants users the ability to create, delete, and modify channels within the server.

    Server owners already have these abilities but cannot grant them to others if they don’t hold administrative roles.

  • Manage Server: This permission gives users access to various server settings, such as changing the server name, region, verification level, and more. Server owners have these permissions by default.
  • Manage Roles: This permission allows users to create, delete, and modify roles within the server. Server owners have these abilities as well.


While server owners on Discord have significant control over their servers and possess many permissions, there are certain administrative permissions that are exclusive to Discord administrators. These permissions are necessary to maintain order and security within the platform. It is important for server owners to understand the limitations of their authority and work in collaboration with administrative users to ensure a smooth and well-managed server environment.

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