Do Discord Server Moderators Get Paid?


Heather Bennett

Do Discord Server Moderators Get Paid?

Discord, the popular communication platform designed for creating communities, has gained immense popularity over the years. With millions of users and countless servers catering to various interests, Discord relies on a team of moderators to maintain order and ensure a positive user experience.

But do these hardworking individuals get paid for their efforts? Let’s delve into this question and explore the role of Discord server moderators.

The Role of Discord Server Moderators

Discord server moderators play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and harmony within a server. They are responsible for enforcing community guidelines, monitoring conversations, resolving conflicts, and preventing any potential disruptions. By actively engaging with users and managing various aspects of the server, moderators contribute to fostering a safe and welcoming environment.

Volunteer or Paid?

While some online platforms offer monetary compensation for moderation work, Discord operates differently. In most cases, being a Discord server moderator is a voluntary position. Moderators dedicate their time and effort out of their own passion for the community or subject matter.

This volunteer-based system has its advantages. It allows for passionate individuals who genuinely care about the community to take up moderation roles without any financial barriers. It also fosters an environment where moderators are driven by their enthusiasm rather than monetary gain.

Rewards and Perks

Although Discord server moderators may not receive direct financial compensation, they often enjoy several rewards and perks that make their role rewarding in other ways:

  • Recognition: Being a moderator is seen as an honor within many communities. Moderators gain respect from fellow members as they contribute significantly to maintaining order.
  • Exclusive Access: Moderators are often granted access to exclusive channels or features within a server, allowing them to connect with other moderators and the server’s administrators.
  • Skills Development: Moderating a Discord server provides an opportunity for personal growth and skill development.

    Moderators enhance their communication, conflict resolution, and leadership skills, which can be valuable in various aspects of life.

  • Networking: Being a moderator exposes individuals to a wide range of users and communities. This can lead to networking opportunities and the chance to form connections with like-minded individuals.

Paid Moderation Opportunities

While most Discord moderation positions are voluntary, there may be instances where server owners or administrators offer paid moderation roles. These opportunities are relatively rare and usually only exist within larger communities or professional settings.

In such cases, paid moderators may receive compensation for their time and effort. However, it’s important to note that these paid positions often come with higher expectations and responsibilities compared to volunteer roles.


In summary, Discord server moderators typically do not get paid for their work. They contribute voluntarily due to their passion for the community and desire to maintain order within the server. While monetary compensation may not be part of the equation, moderators enjoy various rewards such as recognition, exclusive access, skills development, networking opportunities, and occasionally paid positions in certain circumstances.

If you’re interested in becoming a Discord server moderator or already hold such a position, remember that your dedication and contribution are highly valued by the community you serve. Keep up the fantastic work!

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