Do Discord Server Boosts Last Forever?


Angela Bailey

Do Discord Server Boosts Last Forever?

Discord server boosts are a valuable feature that provides various benefits to server owners and members. However, you might be wondering if these boosts last indefinitely or if they have an expiration date. In this article, we will explore the duration of Discord server boosts and shed light on how they work.

Understanding Discord Server Boosts

Discord server boosts are a way for users to support their favorite servers and unlock additional perks for themselves and other members. When a user boosts a server, they contribute to its overall level, which determines the number of perks it can unlock.

Boosting a server comes with several benefits, including improved audio quality, enhanced video streaming options, and increased upload limits. These perks make the boosting experience more enjoyable and rewarding for all members.

Duration of Discord Server Boosts

The duration of Discord server boosts depends on the type of boost:

  • Nitro Boost: Nitro Boosts are individual boosts that users can apply to any server of their choice. These boosts last for a specific period depending on the subscription plan you have.
  • Server Boost: Server Boosts are collective boosts provided by multiple users within a server. These boosts have no specific expiration date and last as long as there are active boosters contributing to the overall level of the server.

Note: Server Boosts will only remain active as long as there are enough active boosters in the server. If boosters decide to stop boosting or leave the server, it may result in a decrease in overall level and loss of unlocked perks.

The Impact of Boosting on Server Level

Boosting a server increases its level, which unlocks various perks at different milestones. These perks include custom emojis, enhanced audio and video quality, and even server banner customization options.

Keep in mind: Once a perk is unlocked, it remains available to all members as long as the server maintains its boost level. However, if the boost level drops below the required threshold, some perks may become unavailable until the level is restored.

Managing Boosts and Perks

As a server owner or administrator, it’s essential to manage boosts effectively to ensure the longevity of unlocked perks. Regularly communicating with boosters, acknowledging their contributions, and creating a supportive community can help maintain active boosts and retain boosted perks.

If you are a booster or considering becoming one, remember that your support plays a vital role in keeping perks available for all members. Continuously boosting your favorite servers will help sustain their levels and ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of boosted features.


In conclusion, Discord server boosts are an incredible way to support your favorite servers while unlocking additional perks for yourself and other members. Nitro Boosts have specific durations based on your subscription plan, while Server Boosts last as long as there are active boosters contributing to the overall level of the server.

Remember that boosting is an ongoing process, and maintaining active boosts is crucial for retaining unlocked perks. So go ahead and show your support by boosting your favorite servers!

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