Can You See Who the Server Owner Is Discord?


Heather Bennett

Can You See Who the Server Owner Is on Discord?

Discord is a popular platform for creating and managing online communities, but can you see who the server owner is? Let’s explore this question and shed some light on the topic.

Understanding Discord Server Ownership

Before we dive into whether or not you can see who the server owner is on Discord, let’s clarify what server ownership entails. When you create a server on Discord, you automatically become the server owner. As the server owner, you have complete control over your server’s settings, members, and permissions.

Server Owner Privacy

Discord values user privacy and respects the anonymity of its users. As such, it does not provide a direct way to publicly display or reveal the identity of a server owner to other members or users.

This means that unless the server owner explicitly chooses to disclose their identity within their server or to specific individuals, other members will not be able to determine who the server owner is simply by browsing through the user list or any other standard feature provided by Discord.

Exceptions and Workarounds

While Discord maintains strict privacy policies regarding server ownership information, there are certain exceptions and workarounds that can help identify a server owner in specific cases:

  • User-Provided Information: The server owner may choose to reveal their identity voluntarily within their own community. They might mention it in their username, nickname, or through direct communication with members.
  • Bot Commands: Some bots used in servers offer commands that allow users with appropriate permissions to retrieve information about the server’s ownership. These commands are usually designed for administrative purposes and may require specific bot configurations.
  • Admin Assistance: In exceptional cases, where there are serious violations of Discord’s Terms of Service or community guidelines, Discord’s support team may intervene and disclose the server owner’s information to enforce appropriate actions.

It is important to note that these exceptions should be handled with caution and in accordance with Discord’s policies. Privacy should always be respected unless explicitly waived by the server owner.


To summarize, Discord prioritizes user privacy and does not provide a direct way to see who the server owner is. This anonymity allows users to create and manage communities without fear of unwanted attention or harassment.

However, some exceptions and workarounds may help identify the server owner in specific cases. It is crucial to respect privacy unless there are valid reasons for disclosure as outlined by Discord’s policies.

Remember, creating a safe and inclusive environment for all members should be the top priority when using Discord servers.

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