Can You Search for a Specific Person in a Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

Discord is a popular platform for communication and collaboration among gamers, communities, and businesses. With its wide range of features, it’s no wonder that many users wonder if they can search for a specific person in a Discord server. In this article, we will explore this question and provide you with some insights.

Can You Search for a Specific Person in a Discord Server?

Discord provides various search functionalities to help users find what they are looking for within a server. However, currently, there is no built-in feature that allows you to directly search for a specific person in a Discord server.

This means that if you are trying to find someone in the server but do not remember their username or have limited information about them, it might be quite challenging to locate them. Nevertheless, there are alternative methods that you can try.

Alternative Methods to Find Someone in a Discord Server

1. Member List

If you have access to the member list of the server, you can manually scroll through it and look for the person you are trying to find. This method might be time-consuming if the server has many members or if their username is not familiar to you.

2. Search Within Channels

If you remember any conversations or messages involving the person you are looking for, you can use Discord’s search functionality within channels.

Enter relevant keywords or phrases related to the individual in the search bar at the top-right corner of your screen and press Enter.

This will display all messages containing those keywords or phrases within the channel(s) that are accessible to you. While this method might not directly lead you to the desired person’s profile, it can help narrow down your search by providing context regarding their recent activities or interactions within the server.

3. Ask Other Members

If you are unable to find the person you are looking for using the above methods, consider reaching out to other members of the server. They might have more information about the individual or be able to guide you in the right direction.

Remember to be respectful and provide a clear description of who you are looking for when asking for assistance. It’s important to respect others’ privacy and not use this as an opportunity to engage in any form of harassment or stalking.


While Discord does not offer a direct way to search for a specific person within a server, there are alternative methods that you can try. By utilizing the member list, searching within channels, and seeking help from other members, you might increase your chances of finding the person you are looking for.

Remember to always respect others’ privacy and use Discord’s features responsibly. Happy searching!

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