Can You Retrieve Deleted Server Discord?


Larry Thompson

Can You Retrieve Deleted Server Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform used by gamers, communities, and businesses to connect and collaborate. It allows users to create servers where they can chat, share files, and voice/video call with others.

But what happens if you accidentally delete a server on Discord? Is there any way to retrieve it? Let’s find out.

Understanding Server Deletion

When you delete a server on Discord, it is permanently removed from your account. This means that all the channels, messages, roles, and settings associated with that server are gone. Discord does not provide a built-in feature to recover deleted servers.

Possible Solutions

While Discord doesn’t offer an official way to retrieve deleted servers, there are a couple of things you can try:

  • Contact Support: Reach out to Discord support and explain the situation. Although they cannot guarantee recovery, they may be able to assist you based on the circumstances.
  • Data Recovery Software: If you have administrative access to the computer where the server was created or managed from, you can try using data recovery software. These tools scan your computer’s storage for deleted files and may be able to restore the server data if it hasn’t been overwritten.

Tips for Prevention

To avoid accidentally deleting a server in the future, here are some tips:

  • Double-check before deleting: Take a moment to review your decision before confirming the deletion of a server. Make sure it’s the correct one.
  • Create backups: Regularly backup important data from your Discord servers. You can use third-party bots or utilities to automate this process.
  • Use server verification levels: Set up appropriate verification levels for your servers to prevent unauthorized users from deleting them.


While it’s unfortunate that Discord does not provide a straightforward way to retrieve deleted servers, there are still a couple of options you can explore. Contacting Discord support and using data recovery software are potential solutions, but success is not guaranteed. Therefore, it’s essential to take preventive measures like double-checking before deletion and creating backups to avoid such situations in the first place.

Remember, once a server is deleted on Discord, it’s gone forever. So be cautious and ensure you have proper backups or safeguards in place before making any irreversible decisions.

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