Can You Play Sot in a Private Server?


Heather Bennett

Sea of Thieves (SOT) is a popular multiplayer action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. Since its release in 2018, players have been exploring the vast open world, taking on quests, battling skeletons, and searching for hidden treasures. However, some players may wonder if it’s possible to play Sea of Thieves in a private server.

What is a Private Server

A private server refers to a dedicated server that is not accessible to the general public. It allows players to create their own customized gaming experience by controlling various aspects of the game such as player count, rules, and settings. Private servers are commonly used in multiplayer games to provide exclusive access to specific groups or communities.

Playing Sea of Thieves in a Private Server

Unfortunately, as of now, Sea of Thieves does not officially support private servers. The game is designed to be played on public servers where players can interact with others from around the world. This design choice promotes cooperative gameplay and encourages encounters with other crews on the high seas.

However, there are alternative methods that players have discovered to create a semblance of a private server experience.

Sandbox Mode

Sandbox mode is one method that players use to simulate a private server experience in Sea of Thieves. In this mode, players gather together with friends or like-minded individuals and agree to follow certain rules or guidelines. These rules may include no player vs player combat or specific objectives for all crews to complete together.

Note: Sandbox mode heavily relies on trust and cooperation among participants since there are no built-in mechanisms within the game to enforce these rules.

Limited Crew Size

Another approach players take is to limit crew sizes to create a more intimate and controlled gameplay experience. Instead of joining random crews, players can form smaller groups and set sail together. This allows for tighter coordination and more focused gameplay.

Community Events

Many Sea of Thieves communities organize events or tournaments where players can participate in a private server-like environment. These events often have specific rules, objectives, and rewards, providing a different and exciting experience for participants.

The Benefits of Private Servers

The idea of private servers in Sea of Thieves has gained significant interest among players due to several potential benefits they offer:

  • Customization: Private servers would allow players to tweak various game settings such as weather conditions, enemy difficulty, or even introduce custom quests.
  • Exclusivity: Private servers could provide an exclusive space for specific communities or content creators to host events or create unique gameplay experiences.
  • Training Ground: Private servers can be valuable for training purposes, allowing crews to practice combat strategies or coordinate complex maneuvers without the risk of encountering hostile crews.

The Future Possibility

Rare has acknowledged the demand from the player community for private server support in Sea of Thieves. While they have not made any official announcements regarding this feature, they have expressed interest in exploring the possibility.

Note: It’s important to remember that implementing private servers is a complex endeavor that requires significant development resources and careful consideration by the game developers.

In Conclusion

Although playing Sea of Thieves on a private server is not currently supported by the game itself, players have discovered alternative methods such as sandbox mode, limited crew sizes, and community events to create similar experiences. The potential benefits of private servers, including customization, exclusivity, and training opportunities, make them an exciting prospect for the future of Sea of Thieves. As the game continues to evolve and respond to player feedback, there is hope that private server support may become a reality.

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