Can You Make an 18+ Discord Server?


Larry Thompson

Can You Make an 18+ Discord Server?

Discord has become one of the most popular platforms for online communities and gaming. It offers a wide range of features and customization options, making it suitable for various types of servers. However, when it comes to creating an 18+ Discord server, there are some considerations you need to keep in mind.

The Terms of Service

Discord has strict guidelines outlined in its Terms of Service. These guidelines exist to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for users.

According to Discord’s Terms of Service, you must be at least 13 years old to use the platform. It also prohibits any content that is illegal or violates community standards.

While Discord does not explicitly mention creating 18+ servers, it does provide guidelines on appropriate content and behavior. It is crucial to follow these guidelines when creating any type of server, including those intended for adult audiences.

Age Verification

If you want to create an 18+ Discord server, it is essential to implement age verification mechanisms. This helps ensure that only users who meet the legal age requirements can access your server.

To verify the age of your users, you can use various methods:

  • Self-Verification: You can ask new users to confirm their age by agreeing to a set of rules before gaining access to the server.
  • ID Verification: Requesting government-issued identification documents can help verify the user’s age. However, this method requires careful consideration due to privacy concerns.
  • Bots and APIs: There are third-party bots and APIs available that provide age verification services through external databases or other means.

It is essential to choose an age verification method that aligns with your server’s specific needs and respects user privacy.

Content and Moderation

When running an 18+ Discord server, it is crucial to establish clear guidelines for acceptable content. This includes defining what types of discussions, images, and media are allowed within the server. Additionally, it is essential to have a robust moderation system in place to enforce these guidelines.

To maintain a safe and inclusive environment, consider implementing the following:

  • Moderators: Appoint responsible individuals who can enforce the rules and address any issues that may arise within the server.
  • Reporting System: Provide users with a way to report inappropriate behavior or content directly to the moderators.
  • Automated Filters: Utilize Discord’s built-in profanity filters or third-party bots to automatically detect and remove offensive or explicit content.

By implementing these measures, you can ensure that your 18+ Discord server remains a welcoming and respectful space for all members.

User Consent

It is crucial to obtain user consent when creating an 18+ Discord server. Clearly communicate the nature of the content within your server before users join. By doing so, you allow individuals to make informed decisions about whether they want to participate in discussions or view explicit material.

You can achieve this by creating a welcome channel that outlines the purpose of your server and requires users to acknowledge their understanding of its content before gaining access.

In Conclusion

Making an 18+ Discord server is possible as long as you adhere to Discord’s Terms of Service and implement appropriate age verification mechanisms. By setting clear guidelines, implementing moderation systems, and obtaining user consent, you can create a safe and inclusive space for adult discussions and content.

Remember, it is your responsibility as the server owner to ensure that the environment remains respectful and free from any illegal or inappropriate behavior. With proper planning and moderation, you can create an engaging and enjoyable 18+ Discord server for like-minded individuals.

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