Can You Make a Private Server on Among Us?


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Can You Make a Private Server on Among Us?

If you’ve spent any time playing Among Us, you know how fun it can be to gather a group of friends and work together to find the impostor. But have you ever wondered if you can create your own private server for a more exclusive gaming experience? In this article, we’ll explore whether it’s possible to make a private server on Among Us and how to do it.

What is Among Us?

Before we dive into the details, let’s first understand what Among Us is all about. Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth that gained immense popularity in 2020. It involves a group of players working together on a spaceship or space station while trying to identify the impostor(s) among them.

Creating a Private Server

If you’re tired of playing with strangers or want to have exclusive gaming sessions with your friends, creating a private server is the way to go. Unfortunately, as of now, Among Us does not have an official feature that allows players to create private servers directly within the game.

However, there are alternative methods available that enable players to set up their own private servers for playing Among Us. These methods involve using third-party software or joining dedicated Discord servers that offer private lobbies.

Using Third-Party Software

One popular method for creating a private server on Among Us is by using third-party software like “Hamachi” or “Evolve.” These programs allow players to simulate local area network (LAN) connections over the internet, effectively enabling them to play together in a virtual LAN environment.

  • Step 1: Download and install the preferred third-party software on all the devices that will be participating in the private server.
  • Step 2: Create a network or party within the third-party software and share the network ID and password with your friends.
  • Step 3: Launch Among Us and select “Local” or “LAN” in the game’s menu.
  • Step 4: Have each player enter the same network ID and password to join the private server.

By following these steps, you can create a virtual LAN environment for playing Among Us with your friends. However, it’s important to note that using third-party software may come with potential security risks, so be sure to download from trusted sources and exercise caution.

Joining Dedicated Discord Servers

If setting up third-party software seems too complicated or risky, an alternative option is to join dedicated Discord servers that offer private lobbies for Among Us players. Many gaming communities have specific channels or servers where players can connect, form groups, and organize private games.

To find these Discord servers, you can search online gaming forums or social media platforms like Reddit or Twitter. Look for communities or groups related to Among Us, and you’ll likely find discussions about private servers and how to join them. Once you’ve found a suitable server, follow their instructions on joining their private lobbies.

In Conclusion

While Among Us does not have an official feature for creating private servers within the game itself, there are alternative methods available that allow players to enjoy exclusive gaming sessions with friends. Using third-party software like Hamachi or Evolve can simulate a local area network environment over the internet.

Alternatively, joining dedicated Discord servers that offer private lobbies is another way to play Among Us exclusively with your friends. Choose the method that suits you best and start enjoying a more personalized Among Us experience!

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