Can You Make a Private Server in Fortnite?


Larry Thompson

Can You Make a Private Server in Fortnite?

Fortnite is an incredibly popular online multiplayer game that allows players from all over the world to battle it out on a virtual island. With its fast-paced gameplay and stunning graphics, it’s no wonder why millions of people are hooked on this game. However, some players may wonder if it’s possible to create their own private server in Fortnite.

The short answer is no.

Unlike other games like Minecraft or Counter-Strike, Fortnite does not currently offer the ability for players to create their own private servers. The game is designed to be played on Epic Games’ servers, which are maintained and controlled by the developers themselves. This means that all players are connected to the same server and can interact with each other in real-time.

While this may be disappointing news for those who were hoping to host their own private games with friends or customize their gameplay experience, there are still ways to play with a limited group of people.

Create a Squad

If you want to play with a specific group of friends, you can create a squad in Fortnite. Squads allow you to team up with up to three other players and compete against other squads in-game. This way, you can enjoy playing together without having to worry about random players joining your game.

Custom Matchmaking

Epic Games occasionally offers custom matchmaking keys for special events or tournaments. These keys allow certain players or groups of players to join a specific match together. While this feature is not available all the time and is usually limited to special occasions, it does provide an opportunity for players to have more control over who they play with.

Creative Mode

In December 2018, Epic Games introduced Creative Mode to Fortnite. This mode allows players to build and customize their own islands, similar to Minecraft’s creative mode. While it doesn’t provide the same level of control as a private server would, it does offer a way for players to create their own unique gaming experiences and share them with friends.


While you can’t create your own private server in Fortnite like you can in some other games, there are still ways to play with a limited group of people and have fun together. Whether it’s by creating a squad, taking advantage of custom matchmaking when available, or exploring the possibilities in Creative Mode, Fortnite offers options for players who want to play with friends or have more control over their gaming experience.

So gather your friends, hop into the game, and enjoy the thrill of battling it out on the virtual island together!

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