Can You Level Up in MM2 Private Server?


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Can You Level Up in MM2 Private Server?

If you are an avid player of the popular game “Murder Mystery 2” (MM2), you may have wondered if it is possible to level up in a private server. Private servers offer a unique gaming experience, allowing players to customize gameplay and explore different features.

In this article, we will delve into the topic of leveling up in MM2 private servers and provide you with all the information you need.

Understanding MM2 Levels

Before we discuss leveling up in private servers, let’s first understand how levels work in the original MM2 game. In MM2, players earn experience points (XP) by completing rounds as innocents, sheriffs, or murderers.

As they accumulate XP, their level increases, unlocking various perks and rewards.

Here is a breakdown of the different levels and rewards:

  • Level 1-5: Players start at level 1 and can unlock basic knives.
  • Level 6-20: Players unlock rare knives and gain access to trade.
  • Level 21-40: Players can trade legendary knives and unbox exotic weapons.
  • Level 41+: Players continue to unlock more exotic weapons and gain prestige within the community.

The Limitations of Private Servers

Now that we have a clear understanding of how levels work in the original game, let’s explore whether leveling up is possible in private servers. Unfortunately, leveling up does not carry over from private servers to the main game.

In private servers, players have the freedom to customize gameplay and experiment with different settings. However, these changes only affect the private server environment and do not impact the official MM2 game.

This means that any XP or level progression achieved in a private server will not be reflected in your main account.

It’s important to note that:

  • XP earned in private servers: While playing in a private server, you may still earn XP for completing rounds. However, this XP will only contribute to your progress within the private server and will not count towards leveling up in the main game.
  • Unlocks and rewards: Similarly, any unlocks or rewards obtained in a private server will not carry over to the main game. These customizations are exclusive to the private server experience.

The Benefits of Private Servers

Although leveling up is not possible in MM2 private servers, there are still many benefits to enjoy. Private servers offer a unique and customizable gaming experience where you can play with friends or create your own challenges.

Here are some advantages of playing in a private server:

  • Customized settings: You can tweak gameplay settings such as round duration, player roles distribution, or even enable special modes like “Infection” or “Hide and Seek”. This allows for endless creativity and variety.
  • Playing with friends: Private servers provide a perfect platform to gather with your friends and play together without interference from other random players.
  • Creative map-building: Some private servers allow you to build your own maps or import custom maps created by others. This opens up opportunities for exploration and unique gameplay experiences.


In conclusion, leveling up in MM2 private servers does not affect your progress in the main game. While you may earn XP and unlock rewards within the private server environment, these achievements do not carry over.

However, private servers offer a multitude of benefits, including custom settings, playing with friends, and creative map-building.

So go ahead and enjoy the unique experience of MM2 private servers, but remember that if you want to level up and unlock rewards in the official game, you’ll need to play on the main server.

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