Can You Kick Out the Owner of a Discord Server?


Scott Campbell

Can You Kick Out the Owner of a Discord Server?

If you’re an active user of Discord, you might have wondered at some point whether it’s possible to kick out the owner of a server. After all, there may be situations where the owner is inactive or abusive, and the community wants a change in leadership. In this article, we’ll explore whether it’s possible to remove the owner from a Discord server and what options are available.

Understanding Roles and Permissions

Before diving into the question, let’s understand how roles and permissions work in Discord. When you create a server, you automatically become its owner with full control over all aspects. The owner has access to all channels, can manage roles, invite or ban members, and perform other administrative tasks.

To maintain order within a server, Discord provides different roles with various levels of permissions. These roles determine what actions users can take within the server. The hierarchy typically includes the Owner role at the top followed by Admins or Moderators, and then regular members.

The Limitations on Kicking Out an Owner

Discord has intentionally made it impossible for anyone to directly remove the owner role from another user. This design choice ensures that ownership remains secure and prevents malicious attempts to take control of servers.

However, there are alternative methods to address issues with an inactive or abusive owner:

  • Contacting the Owner: If you’re facing problems with an owner who is inactive or not fulfilling their responsibilities, try reaching out to them first. They may not be aware of any issues or could voluntarily transfer ownership.
  • Asking Other Administrators: If there are other administrators or moderators in the server, discuss your concerns with them.

    They might be able to take action or initiate a conversation with the owner.

  • Creating a New Server: If all attempts fail, you can consider creating a new server and inviting the existing members. However, keep in mind that this will mean starting from scratch and losing all previous server data.


While it’s not possible to kick out the owner of a Discord server directly, there are alternative methods available to address issues with an inactive or abusive owner. It’s essential to communicate your concerns and explore other options before considering drastic measures such as creating a new server. Maintaining a healthy and well-managed community requires collaboration and understanding among all members.

Remember, the owner plays a vital role in shaping the server’s direction, but it’s equally important for them to listen to the community’s feedback and address any concerns that arise.

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