Can You IP Ban Someone From Your Discord Server?


Heather Bennett

Can You IP Ban Someone From Your Discord Server?

If you are a Discord server owner or administrator, you might have encountered situations where you needed to take action against troublesome individuals. One of the commonly considered measures is banning someone from your server.

But can you go a step further and IP ban them? In this article, we will explore whether it is possible to IP ban someone from your Discord server.

What is an IP Ban?

An IP ban, also known as an Internet Protocol ban, is a restriction imposed on a specific IP address. This measure aims to block access to a particular service or platform for that specific address.

Discord’s Ban Feature

Discord, being one of the most popular communication platforms for gamers and communities, provides an extensive set of moderation features. Among these features is the ability to ban users from your server.

Banning someone on Discord means they are no longer able to access your server or communicate with other members. The banned user’s account will be removed from the server and they will lose all their roles and permissions associated with it.

Can You IP Ban on Discord?

Unlike some other platforms or servers, Discord does not provide an option for directly IP banning users. This means that as a server owner or administrator, you cannot solely rely on an IP ban to prevent someone from accessing your server. However, there are alternative methods that can help achieve similar results.

User Bans and Account Deletion

The most effective way to deal with troublesome users on Discord is by using the platform’s built-in user banning feature. By banning a user from your server, their account will be removed, preventing them from accessing your server with that specific account.

Note: If a banned user creates a new Discord account, they will be able to join your server again. Therefore, it is crucial to have proper moderation measures in place to promptly identify and ban such users.

Implementing Verification Systems

To enhance the security of your Discord server and minimize the chances of troublesome users returning under different accounts, you can implement verification systems. These systems often involve requiring new members to go through a verification process before gaining access to the server.

Verification processes can include asking new members to link their Discord account with other platforms or services, solving CAPTCHAs, or waiting for a certain period of time before gaining full access. By implementing such systems, you can reduce the chances of problematic users causing issues on your server.


While Discord does not provide a direct IP banning feature, there are alternative methods available to handle troublesome users. By utilizing the platform’s user banning feature and implementing verification systems, you can effectively manage and maintain a safe environment within your Discord server.

In summary,

  • Discord does not offer a direct IP ban feature.
  • User bans remove the user’s account from your server but do not IP ban them.
  • Implementing verification systems can help prevent troublesome users from returning under different accounts.

Remember that maintaining an inclusive and respectful community requires active moderation and enforcement of rules. With these measures in place, you can create an enjoyable environment for all members of your Discord server.

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