Can You Have a Private Server on Conan Exiles?


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Can You Have a Private Server on Conan Exiles?

If you’re a fan of open-world survival games, chances are you’ve heard of Conan Exiles. This action-packed game set in the brutal world of Conan the Barbarian allows players to build their own kingdoms, fight fierce creatures, and even enslave NPCs.

However, playing on public servers can sometimes be frustrating due to overcrowding, lag, and griefers. So, is it possible to have a private server in Conan Exiles? The answer is a resounding YES!

Why Choose a Private Server?

Having your own private server in Conan Exiles comes with several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to play with a select group of friends or like-minded individuals without the interference of strangers. This means you can focus on cooperative gameplay and building epic structures together without any unwanted interruptions.

Secondly, having a private server grants you greater control over the game settings. You can customize various aspects such as player difficulty, resource rates, and even enable or disable certain features based on your preferences. This level of control ensures that you and your fellow players have the best possible gaming experience.

Setting Up Your Private Server

Now that you understand the advantages of having a private server in Conan Exiles, let’s discuss how to set one up.

Step 1: Choosing a Hosting Provider

The first step is selecting a reliable hosting provider that specializes in Conan Exiles servers. Look for providers that offer low latency connections, good customer support, and flexible pricing plans.

Step 2: Configuring Your Server

Once you’ve chosen your hosting provider, it’s time to configure your server settings. Most hosting providers will provide you with a control panel or web interface where you can adjust various settings. This includes options like server name, password protection, player slots, and more.

It’s essential to pay attention to the server settings to ensure your private server meets your specific requirements. You can tweak parameters such as XP rates, resource respawn rates, and even restrict PvP combat if desired.

Step 3: Inviting Players

After setting up your private server, it’s time to invite your friends or other players to join you. Share the server details with them, including the IP address and password (if applicable), so they can connect and start playing together.

Additional Tips

1. Regular Backups: It’s always a good practice to take regular backups of your private server data. This ensures that in case of any unforeseen issues or crashes, you can easily restore the game world without losing progress.

2. Server Rules: Establishing clear rules for your private server helps maintain a friendly and enjoyable environment for all players. Communicate these rules to everyone joining the server and enforce them consistently.

In Conclusion

A private server in Conan Exiles offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the game with a close-knit community while having complete control over the gameplay experience. So gather your friends, select a hosting provider, configure your settings, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in this savage world!

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