Can You Change Your Discord Avatar in One Server?


Angela Bailey

Discord is a popular communication platform that allows users to connect with friends, communities, and gaming groups. One of the key features of Discord is the ability to customize your avatar, which is the image that represents you on the platform.

But can you change your Discord avatar in one server without affecting others? Let’s find out!

Changing Your Discord Avatar

Your Discord avatar is a representation of your online identity and can be customized to reflect your personality or interests. By default, Discord uses the avatar associated with your account across all servers you join. However, it is possible to change your avatar on a per-server basis.

Step 1: Open Server Settings

To change your avatar for a specific server, start by opening the server settings. You can do this by right-clicking on the server name in the left sidebar and selecting “Server Settings” from the context menu.

Step 2: Navigate to “User Management”

Once you’re in the server settings, navigate to the “User Management” tab located on the left side of the screen. This tab contains various options related to user roles, permissions, and member lists.

Step 3: Click on Your Profile

In the “User Management” tab, you’ll find a list of all members present in that server. Locate your username and click on it to access your profile settings.

Step 4: Change Your Avatar

After clicking on your profile, a pop-up window will appear with options to modify your user settings. Look for the “Avatar” section and click on it to proceed with changing your avatar.

  • Browse: Clicking on this button will open a file selector, allowing you to choose an image from your device.
  • Remove: If you want to remove your current avatar and revert to the default Discord avatar, click on this button.
  • Change Avatar: Once you’ve selected a new image, click on this button to apply it as your avatar for that particular server.

Remember, changing your avatar in one server will not affect your avatar in other servers or your account’s global avatar settings.

Why Change Your Discord Avatar Per Server?

You might be wondering why someone would want to change their Discord avatar in one server while keeping it the same everywhere else. Well, there are several reasons:

  • Community Identity: Some servers have specific themes or identities. By changing your avatar to match the theme of the server, you can feel more connected and show support for that community.
  • Anonymity: On certain servers, you may prefer to use a different identity or maintain anonymity. Changing your avatar per server allows you to separate different aspects of your online presence.
  • Showcase Different Interests: If you’re part of multiple gaming communities or interest groups, changing your avatar per server can be a fun way to showcase different aspects of your personality or hobbies.

In conclusion, yes, you can change your Discord avatar in one server without affecting others. It’s a handy feature that allows for customization and personalization within specific communities. So go ahead and express yourself by modifying your avatars on different servers!

I hope this article has helped clarify how to change your Discord avatar per server and why it can be beneficial. Enjoy exploring the various customization options Discord has to offer!

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